One Week Old!

On this day last week our precious boy was welcomed into the world at 7:18am…under some extremely bright lights and lots of cutting devices and people dressed in scrubs.

Lights, scissors, people with masks holding the scissors. Traumatizing to a little one that only knows the comfort of a warm and dark womb.

But his sweet cries velociraptor squeals were a joy to hear for the first time. I’ll come back later for a birth story (if you care to read…I just want it documented). For today, I just want to share a few pics of our little man’s birthday.

His first kiss. Love everything about this moment. I have the same pic with Lily and I was very clear with Brent that even if he got no other picture, this is one he had to capture. Our first time to see each other. 

First pic as a family of four!

Scott with his caring and loving big sister Lily. She is FABULOUS with him! And they already have such a sweet bond. The transition has been easy on her, and all of us for that matter because he’s such a good baby. 

I can’t express to anyone the gratitude in my heart for the blessing of both of my children and my selfless husband. There is a place deep in my heart reserved only for Jesus that is overflowing with a praise and thankfulness that no song or words can express. My prayer is that my love and service to my family will be a reflection of this gratitude in my heart.

Thank you Jesus. You are good. That’s all I can say.   

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