Scott’s First Month

Our handsome little man. 

Fun Fact: My doctor told me you tied a knot in your umbilical cord some time while you were in the womb. That usually happens when the baby moves so much that a loop is created in the cord and the baby swims right through it. Maybe you’ll be an Olympic swimmer one day?

Firsts: Everything is a first! Some of the big ones are: pool party (aka the redneck water park at our neighbor’s house where you laid in my lap the whole time), fish fry, Sunday at church (you went to PBC to surprise Granny Rosie for her bday), surprise birthday party/trip to Bham (again, for Granny Rosie), first trip to a restaurant (Burrito Express), trip to Kiddie Carnival

News Headlines: Trayvon Martin/Zimmerman case, Edward Snowden gets asylum in Russia

 Favorite Toy/Activity: Watching the ceiling fan and lights, your floor gym

Mommy’s Favorite: Your soft cheeks, how you smile when you are falling into deep sleep, your hands when you get startled (see pic), your wrinkly forehead

Daddy’s Favorite: Watching the British Open with you, having a guy around instead of “being surrounded by girls all the time”

Lily’s Favorite: Kissing you and playing with you

Milestones: Tummy time is becoming more and more successful. You are following sounds and are becoming more and more aware of your surroundings. At 3 weeks we moved you from the cradle to the crib, you move so much during your sleep and kept hitting your head on the side of the cradle. Many times you would wake up from having your face up against the side. Understandably, I got no sleep for worrying about you. Moving you to the crib this early wasn’t what I planned, but it was for the best.

Weight/Length: At your first well-baby check up you were 8 lbs 2 oz and 20 3/4 inches long. I’m sure you are close, if not surpassing, 9 lbs now.

Like Mommy: Your hair is closer to my color and is showing a teeny weeny bit of a wave. I get more comments that you look like me rather than Daddy. Yay!

Like Daddy: You have Daddy’s short big toe, but the rest of your toes are from Mommy.

Like Big Sister: We lay you on your back, but you always manage to roll to your right side with your hands curled up around your face. You enjoy listening to music/singing. Your sister constantly made noises the entire time she drank a bottle and/or slept. You aren’t as noisy, but you do make the same sweet noises when you eat and sleep. You like to stare at the tag on your bouncy seat. Big Sister also had a thing for staring at tags.

Best Memory: When the docs said, “We almost have a baby” and your Daddy told me that he could see you. I was jealous and couldn’t wait to lay my eyes on you and kiss your sweet face.

Biggest Challenge: Recovering from major surgery while keeping up with a 3 1/2 year old and caring for you. Thankfully, you are typically a good sleeper at night. I’m actually getting more sleep now that you are here than I did when I was pregnant with you. But let’s not deceive anyone…Mommy and Daddy are still very sleep deprived! Another challenge is getting you to fall asleep for nap in your crib. You’d rather scream.

How we spend the day: You are eating every 3-4 hours. Just a few days ago we started giving you 4 oz and we’re trying to make each bottle stretch a full 4 hours. Your schedule changes daily so there really is no routine, but Mommy likes to keep you on a eat, play, sleep schedule. You are getting up twice at night to eat usually somewhere between 11-1 and 3-5. Mommy usually takes the first one and Daddy takes the second. You are up for the day between 8-9 and you eat, play, and sleep. While you are awake Mommy and Lily talk to you, sing to you, dance with you, and read to you. Lily loves to get toys out of your room to try to keep you awake. She LOVES it when you are awake! Most nights are spent watching Friday Night Lights with Mommy and Daddy as you drink your last bottle and drift off to sleep.

Nicknames: Scotty 2 Hotty the WWE wrestler. You can thank your Daddy for that one!

Funniest Moment: Watching your sister change your dirty diaper in the hospital

How we celebrated your first month: We had a lazy Saturday at home. Daddy and Lily are both under the weather with allergies or some sort of cold, so we didn’t venture out of the house.

This is your “I’m done eating” face. You stick your bottom lip out and refuse the bottle. 

This is your smile while falling asleep! Do you know how many times I took pictures to try to capture this? Too many to count. 

Bis Sis is already a prankster.

First time at the Kiddie Carnival (Lily’s first time too)

Pretty sure this is my favorite pic of you all month. You are SO handsome! 

Bless you!

The princess loves to read to you
These are your “You just scared the mess outta me” hands. They CRACK me up! 
She ADORES you, Scott! We all do 🙂
Lily has been begging me to get in your crib ever since we put it together back in April. I told her she had to wait until you were here. 
You and your buddy Parker. He was born 5 days after you. God has been so gracious to Parker’s mommy, Katie, and me. He allowed us to walk through the sorrow of miscarriage together and then walk through the joy of pregnancy together. Katie is a very special friend of Mommy’s and I know you and Parker are going to be best buds! 
We love you little guy! Your life has completely lit up our world! We are thankful you are healthy and happy. As with your sister, we pray daily that you will know the Lord. He is the One who made you and knows you and loves you more than any other. You are the perfect addition to our family and we look to the future with such joy to raise you. We are blessed, buddy! 
Happy one month, Scott!!!

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