Scott’s 3rd Month

Firsts: High school football game, wedding (Hannah and Aaron), sitting in the exersaucer, runny/stuffy nose, night without Daddy, then Mommy (separate trips).

News Headlines: Government shutdown

Favorite Toy/Activity:  Your floor gym and Winnie the Pooh on your bouncy seat

Mommy’s Favorite: Your crazy big smiles that light up your whole face

Daddy’s Favorite: The way you respond to us with smiles and laughs

Lily’s Favorite: Reading to you

Milestones: YOU SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT, as in, you don’t wake up at all between the hours of 9ish to 6ish (therefore, no other milestone matters), you don’t refuse naps in your bed anymore, you can hold your head up well enough to spend about 15 minutes in your exersaucer, you are responding to us with laugh/smiles, 3-6 month clothes, size 2 diapers (although you can still wear size 1, some brands in size 2 are too big), you are growing out of your clothes in length (despite what people say about your chunkiness, you are growing taller faster than you are gaining weight)

Weight/Length: No clue where to even begin guessing. You see Dr. B in November.

Like Mommy: You love to sing (well, I don’t know if you like to sing, but you always smile when I sing)

Like Daddy: Due to your stuffy nose this month, I think you may have your daddy’s allergies.

Like Big Sister: You talk to Winnie the Pooh on your bouncy seat

Best Memory: Laying on the porch with you and your sister, doing nothing but enjoying the fall weather

Biggest Challenge: None this month; you are an easy going baby and you rarely fuss for reasons other than being hungry/tired/need a diaper change

How We Spend the Day: Each day is different. You go to school two days a week, stay home/run errands two days a week, and hang out with just me while Lily is at school one day a week. You usually eat between 6:00-7:00 in the morning. You stay awake for about 1 1/2 hours before your first morning nap. You eat every 3-4 hours and in between feedings you play and sleep. You take your last bottle sometime between 8:00-10:00 then we put you to bed. 

Nicknames: Little Man, Buddy, 75

Funniest Moment: You talk A LOT and it’s always funny to hear you having a conversation with the most random things…like the ceiling fan or the wall.

How We Celebrated: Daddy was out of town and Lily wasn’t feeling well, so we didn’t even leave the house today. Sorry, Buddy! (Like you knew any different)

Dr. Scott

You and your best buddy Parker, Auburn University class of 2031!

She loves to read to you and you adore the attention!

Laying on the porch enjoying the weather

You are SO handsome

Squishy grin

First high school football game

First wedding…sound asleep. It was outdoors and HHHOTTT!!!

Big Sis feeding you a bottle. She has a servant’s heart and is delighted to care for you. 

Out to dinner with Parker

First time in exersaucer

Mommy’s two beautiful sweethearts 

Laughing and talking to Daddy

Talking to Granny Rosie

TBone came to visit (and brought us dinner!)
I’ll say this the rest of your life, but you are growing too fast. Getting to 3 months with your sister felt like it took about 10 years. She had some challenges that you thankfully have not had. Your 3 months of life have flown by and I’m already feeling the pressure to start planning your 1st birthday. Not really. Ok, maybe a teeny tiny bit. 
We love you forever and always and pray daily that you know and grow in a relationship with your Savior!!! 

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