Lily is Four!

Height/Weight: Definitely getting taller (but no idea the actual measurement) and still the same weight as last year

Clothes: 4T

Favorite Toys: She has seasons of favorite toys. She’ll play with the same thing or do the same activity for a week or so, then it all changes. Her current favorite is playing with her Disney princess figurines that I bought for like $2 at a consignment store. She also loves her new Doc McStuffins check up center she received for Christmas. She’s really into the imaginary world. She plays pretend by recreating scenes from her favorite movies or shows. She also LOVES puzzles and is really good at them!

Favorite Movies: Brave, Little Mermaid, and Tangled

Favorite Shows: Doc McStuffins and Sheriff Callie’s Wild West

Favorite Chore: Taking things to the kitchen

Favorite Song: “Overcomer” by Mandisa

Favorite Food: Her current favorite is “salty chips”…Kettle brand sea salt and vinegar chips. She’s also really into cantaloupe and carrots with ranch dressing right now. Pistachios (or any kind of nut) are still a favorite.

Best Friends: Logan, Davis, Laney, Dusti Jo (and all her other friends at school but I can’t remember names)

Mommy’s Favorite: I have so many. Every single thing you do is my favorite. I love that you still rub your eyelashes with your finger when you are tired. I love to watch/listen to you play pretend. I love to watch/listen to you talk to and take care of your brother. I love to watch/listen to you sing and dance. I love that when we ask you what is required to spend eternity with Jesus you say “Turn away from your sin.” I have not explicitly taught you to say that, so I love that you’ve picked it up from things we’ve talked about and things you’ve learned at church.

Daddy’s Favorite: He loves to watch you sing and dance. You just might have a future in the music business. Or some other form of fine arts. You like to entertain.

Bedtime Routine: Bible story, Lily prays, Mommy or Daddy prays, sing a song (usually “Jesus Loves Me” or the garden song). If I put her to bed I usually sing the chorus of “Ho Hey” by the Lumineers and tickle her on the ho hey part.

Biggest Challenge: I’m going back to work full-time. I’m very excited about the opportunity and know without a doubt that it is what the Lord has planned for our family. This will be a challenging adjustment, but hopefully more so for me than Lily.

Make Believe Friend: You consistently talk about your three sisters and one of them is usually named Kelly. However, when I asked today you named five sisters…so I’m not too sure. The increase from one to three sisters happened after Sister Toni died of cancer (thanks to Mandisa’s “Overcomer” and GMA’s footage of Robin Robert’s recovery from cancer). We lost Toni and gained Kelly and two others…or four others. Not sure if the extra two will stick around permanently. Dave and Bad Dave are still in the cave. They say things like “stupid” and “Roll Tide” and apparently rip up paper when they are at school….they will be there forever. Although I know one of them possibly came out of the cave because earlier this year Sister Toni asked if she could go on a date with Dave. You talk to your sisters like they are real and I frequently have to ask you if you are talking to me or to your sisters. It’s usually your sisters.

Funny Moment: You learned the word “fart” and like to randomly incorporate the word into your daily life. Mommy actually prefers this word over the others, simply because the other words sound too proper and girly and there is nothing proper and girly about a fart. I just don’t want you saying it so frequently. We’ve had major discussions that this word does not need to be spoken outside of our house.

What you want to be when you grow up: A mommy

I took a video of her interview but I didn’t like it, so I’m including some of my favorite pics of her from the last year.

Our announcement that you were going to be a big sister! 

The most gorgeous flower girl ever in Kristen and Steve’s wedding! 

Playing baseball with her cousins at Grandma and Papaw’s house

The princess getting pampered a just a few days before she became a big sister!

Eating a fancy meal at the Melting Pot to celebrate our last outing as a family of 3!
Rapunzel, let down your hair! 

Sleepy girl after A LOT of dancing at the wedding. 

Her eyes say it all…she was (and still is) smitten with him. 

See what I mean?

The proof is in the pics…she loves him. 

Doesn’t get cuter than this

Or this
How did we celebrate? You had a party with your friend’s earlier this month at a gymnastics place. We celebrate as a family today. 
I tucked you into bed as a three year old! You woke up a four year old! 
You picked out a Rapunzel playdoh toy at Target. 

We ate donuts 

We got a pedicure and you went shopping with Daddy

Lily, where in the world has time gone? You are FOUR YEARS OLD! I still have to pinch myself sometimes. I am your mother…what an honor. You make the most important job so much fun. The days are long and the years are short, that is certain. At the end of every day, no matter how awesome or awful it was, I am thankful that I had another day to be your mommy. I hope the Lord gives me thousands upon thousands more. He is doing a work in your heart and I know that He is answering my daily prayer…to draw you near to Him so that you will see your need for a Savior. We love you little Lily. You are our sweetheart! Happy Birthday!!!

Mice, Parades, and the Griswolds

How has your day been? My day has consisted of cleaning up vomit and unknowingly touching mouse poop and human poop with my bare hands. 
I’d say that’s a good day. If you like that kind of thing. We are now on a hunt to find a mouse in our house, which makes me cringe from head to toe all the day long. Brent is currently in the kitchen with a broom. He asked me to come. I told him I physically can not. He told me to grow up. I told him I’m satisfied with my immature aversion to mice. 
Our evening did not go as planned. Our city has a Christmas parade every year and we had plans to go to a friend’s house downtown to watch, but Lily woke up from her nap not feeling well (she’s been running fever off and on all week) so we grabbed CFA and decided to watch from our car. 
Scott was extra fussy, which rarely happens. He was fed, had a clean diaper, and was well rested. I stressed because I had no clue what was going on and we forgot his paci. 
Lily needed to potty and the public restrooms around us were all “out of order”. Whatever. 
So we came home. 
Basically, we paid about $15 to eat in the parking lot of two stores with insufficient restroom facilities with a screaming baby and an uncomfortable daughter…which all of that made for slightly frustrated parents…then went home. 
Maybe we’ll try again next year. 
On the flip side, we live down the road from Clark Griswold. Lily has been begging us to go see the lights, as they are synced to music on the radio. She and I had a mini-date to watch the lights. Hopefully, it made up for our lack of parade watching tonight. 
Having lived in a house for almost five years with neighbors that were all grinches, I’m thrilled to live down the street from the Griswolds.  

I think it would be wrong of me to mention Clark Griswold and not include a clip from the best Christmas movie ever. I won’t say this is one of my favorite clips because I’d be lying to you. All the clips are my favorite. But here is one I quote a lot. “THE BLESSING”

Scott’s Fifth Month

Scott (and Lily),

You know that I love you. But if you ever question my love for you, please just be reminded of these monthly posts I do/did the first year of your life. They are a bit time consuming and it seems that it is only these particular posts that give me trouble…and it’s every single time. I love you forever and always, but if you ever need a significant amount of evidence, read your monthly posts.

Your frustrated-but-for-a-good-reason mother

  So excited to be five months old! 

Firsts: trip to Mentone, making pumpkin pie, sick visit/cold, Thanksgiving, cutting down Christmas tree/ sleigh ride, eating cereal and squash from a spoon

News Headlines: The only news that matters is that Auburn beat Alabama in the Iron Bowl 34-28 with 1 second left on the clock. Chris Davis caught a missed field goal and ran for a 109 yard touchdown. WAR EAGLE!!!

Favorite Toy Activity: You love to bounce and be in the air. You have a stuffed cow/chew toy that says “I love Moomy” that you play with a lot. Your sister loved this toy too. You have discovered Sanibel and have received lots of kisses from her.

Mommy’s Favorite: You are so snugly and I love your little flirtatious/shy grin.

Daddy’s Favorite: You smile at anything and anyone.

Lily’s Favorite: “He eats his fingers and stuff.”

Milestones: We think you can recognize your name, you can eat from a spoon, you can roll over back to belly and belly to back, you can grasp toys and bring them to your mouth, you can bat at toys in front of your face

Weight/Length: probably getting close to 18 lbs

Like Mommy: You love squash…but that’s iffy because you’ve only tried it twice.

Like Daddy: You LOVE Sanibel. Except that’s nothing like your Daddy.

Like Big Sister: You are starting to show quite a personality! And when you are sick you don’t eat well and you sleep a lot.

Best Memory: Our first Thanksgiving with you, thinking that this time last year was when we announced to our family that Mommy was pregnant with you!

Biggest Challenge: You tend to forget in the middle of the night that you can roll over from your belly to back. We always put you to sleep on your back, but you are SUCH a wiggle worm when you sleep that you usually roll onto your belly and get mad as all get out (even though you know how to roll to your back).

How We Spend the Day: Same as it’s always been…but that’s about to change after Christmas! More on that in your 6th month post.

Nicknames: Little Bud and Buddy

Funniest Moment: Mommy was bathing you and had your dirty clothes and diaper on the floor by the tub. Your diaper was a little dirty (seriously…just a little, almost not worth calling it poop) and Lily saw the remains in your diaper and said, “Hey, that looks like Larry!” (from Veggie Tales)

How We Celebrated: We decorated our Christmas tree!

Snuggling in Mentone 

One of your many grins

Warming up with Daddy after playing in the leaves

Sweet snuggles

You first taste of rice cereal. But the face you are making could be due to the fact that your mother is STILL wearing PowerPuff Girl pj pants from 9th grade.  

Big Sis wanted to give it a try! I’ve been telling her about helping me feed you since long before you were born. The day is finally here! 

This is how we roll through the ‘hood

You love to keep your hand near or over your face when you sleep

Excited about playing the piano! This should make your TBone proud. 

Aren’t ya proud, Mom?

Smiling at Sanibel…keep that mouth open too long and she’ll be kissing your mouth! 

Sweet sweet smiles! 

Big Sis feeding you again. You could spend your entire day staring at her. 

The tryptophan must have gotten to you on Thanksgiving

Singing songs with Granny Rosie

Saying “War Eagle” 

On the sleigh ride to cut down our Christmas tree. Your face kills me. 

Testing out those ears, getting ready for our Disney trip next year! 

And I’ll leave you with one of my favorites from this month 🙂 
A half a year is coming up next, Scott! Can’t even process that. It’s unreal how time flies fast anyway, but even faster with the second child. We love you forever and always!!! 

Lily Lately

I feel like my blogging efforts lately have neglected my firstborn. So this post is dedicated to her. And I hate to burst your bubbles, but I don’t see that I will have the time and mental capacity and typing strength to continue my series of my thoughts on Jen’s book 7. Just read the book already and we’ll talk when you are done!

Back to my firstborn.

Who is almost FOUR by the way! Unbelievable. This is a random assortment of things she’s doing these days. This is one of  my “baby book” posts. You may not care to read, but I care to keep a record of her creative craziness.

The girl lives in Imagination Station. She is all pretend play. All that exists in her world is the non-existent, imaginary stuff. We jump around from Doc McStuffins, Cinderella, Sophia the First, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Little Mermaid, and everything in between. The latest is pretending to be a cowgirl. She turns a laundry basket over, sits on top, and uses a jump rope as the reigns. She even uses a shoelace to lasso her toys. I’m pretty sure I had no clue what a lasso was when I was her age. There’s a new cowgirl show on Disney Junior, so I’m sure this cowgirl thing is about to TAKE OFF and become all the rage in our house.


Little Mermaid

If she isn’t acting like a Disney character, she’s performing. She uses one of my several homemade guitars and props up her microphone inside a drawer as a mic stand and she sings at the top of her lungs to her heart’s content. She recently got to see Beauty and the Beast on Broadway and Disney on Ice with her grandmothers. And, as you can imagine, we perform all the scenes and songs all day long.

Using a tambourine as a guitar in this pic. She’s getting a real guitar for Christmas because all the homemade ones “sound like marching bands.” 

I’m pretty sure if she had been alive 20ish years ago, she would have been Michelle Tanner on Full House. She should be a child actress.

She reminds me of myself when I was young and used to rollerblade in my basement to the Lion King soundtrack and pretend I was the star of Disney on Ice. Except I did that as a 5th grader. She’s 3. So either she’s advanced in her performing talents or I was delayed in mine. It’s probably the latter.

Remember Sister Toni? Lily’s pretend sister/friend? Sounds like the name of a sketchy psychic that works out of her home. Anyway. Sister Toni died of cancer. Morbid and blunt, I know. Lily has a slight obsession with Mandisa’s “Overcomer” music video which features Robin Roberts, among others, and her battle with cancer. Thanks to that video, cancer killed Sister Toni. Oh, and Lily can spot Robin Roberts at any given time on the TV.

But don’t worry. Sister Toni is in Heaven with the real Sister that Lily lost last year. Sometimes Sister Toni and real Sister are the same person in conversation so I get REALLY confused. The death of Sister Toni wasn’t mourned for very long because she was quickly replaced with THREE MORE sisters. All of which have various names, but Kelly is usually one of them.

Here’s some facts about the three amigas:

One of her three sisters always says, “Where does me live?” This is how Lily refers to this particular sister. When she’s telling me a story about this sister, she always starts with, “My sister, the one that always says ‘Where does me live’…”

Another one of her sisters loves to eat popcorn. When the popcorn falls out of her mouth, this sister thinks its her teeth falling on the floor.

And then there’s the sister that we can never remember her name, so we call her Toni. Except that this sister was never named. Her identity has always been, “The sister we call Toni because we can’t remember her name.”

When Lily is living in reality, she is truly the best sister anyone can have. Scott is one blessed little guy. She is nurturing and thoughtful and a huge help for me during the day.

When Scott grows out of his car seat Lily wants to send it to a baby in China that doesn’t have a car seat…and then just hold Scott in the car. The first part is super sweet, and the second part is flat out unsafe.

Lily is on a cinnamon toast kick. She eats it every morning for breakfast, then she usually eats a pbj for lunch everyday…so we keep the bread makers in business. I just need to start making my own. Broccoli is also her favorite. She gets really excited when we eat broccoli for dinner. Cinnamon gum is another favorite of hers. I think she has a thing for cinnamon.

One of her favorite things to do now that it’s cold outside is to play in the sink with her mermaids. She fills up the sink with water and splashes those mermaids all over the place. It makes a wet mess, but she loves it. I usually just the let the wet mess accumulate all day then clean it up at bath time. I’ve been drying a lot of towels lately!

That about sums up the latest happenings of my favorite little girl. She’s such a joy and delight and brings SO MUCH laughter to our house.

We love you forever and always, Lily!