Lily Lately

I feel like my blogging efforts lately have neglected my firstborn. So this post is dedicated to her. And I hate to burst your bubbles, but I don’t see that I will have the time and mental capacity and typing strength to continue my series of my thoughts on Jen’s book 7. Just read the book already and we’ll talk when you are done!

Back to my firstborn.

Who is almost FOUR by the way! Unbelievable. This is a random assortment of things she’s doing these days. This is one of  my “baby book” posts. You may not care to read, but I care to keep a record of her creative craziness.

The girl lives in Imagination Station. She is all pretend play. All that exists in her world is the non-existent, imaginary stuff. We jump around from Doc McStuffins, Cinderella, Sophia the First, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Little Mermaid, and everything in between. The latest is pretending to be a cowgirl. She turns a laundry basket over, sits on top, and uses a jump rope as the reigns. She even uses a shoelace to lasso her toys. I’m pretty sure I had no clue what a lasso was when I was her age. There’s a new cowgirl show on Disney Junior, so I’m sure this cowgirl thing is about to TAKE OFF and become all the rage in our house.


Little Mermaid

If she isn’t acting like a Disney character, she’s performing. She uses one of my several homemade guitars and props up her microphone inside a drawer as a mic stand and she sings at the top of her lungs to her heart’s content. She recently got to see Beauty and the Beast on Broadway and Disney on Ice with her grandmothers. And, as you can imagine, we perform all the scenes and songs all day long.

Using a tambourine as a guitar in this pic. She’s getting a real guitar for Christmas because all the homemade ones “sound like marching bands.” 

I’m pretty sure if she had been alive 20ish years ago, she would have been Michelle Tanner on Full House. She should be a child actress.

She reminds me of myself when I was young and used to rollerblade in my basement to the Lion King soundtrack and pretend I was the star of Disney on Ice. Except I did that as a 5th grader. She’s 3. So either she’s advanced in her performing talents or I was delayed in mine. It’s probably the latter.

Remember Sister Toni? Lily’s pretend sister/friend? Sounds like the name of a sketchy psychic that works out of her home. Anyway. Sister Toni died of cancer. Morbid and blunt, I know. Lily has a slight obsession with Mandisa’s “Overcomer” music video which features Robin Roberts, among others, and her battle with cancer. Thanks to that video, cancer killed Sister Toni. Oh, and Lily can spot Robin Roberts at any given time on the TV.

But don’t worry. Sister Toni is in Heaven with the real Sister that Lily lost last year. Sometimes Sister Toni and real Sister are the same person in conversation so I get REALLY confused. The death of Sister Toni wasn’t mourned for very long because she was quickly replaced with THREE MORE sisters. All of which have various names, but Kelly is usually one of them.

Here’s some facts about the three amigas:

One of her three sisters always says, “Where does me live?” This is how Lily refers to this particular sister. When she’s telling me a story about this sister, she always starts with, “My sister, the one that always says ‘Where does me live’…”

Another one of her sisters loves to eat popcorn. When the popcorn falls out of her mouth, this sister thinks its her teeth falling on the floor.

And then there’s the sister that we can never remember her name, so we call her Toni. Except that this sister was never named. Her identity has always been, “The sister we call Toni because we can’t remember her name.”

When Lily is living in reality, she is truly the best sister anyone can have. Scott is one blessed little guy. She is nurturing and thoughtful and a huge help for me during the day.

When Scott grows out of his car seat Lily wants to send it to a baby in China that doesn’t have a car seat…and then just hold Scott in the car. The first part is super sweet, and the second part is flat out unsafe.

Lily is on a cinnamon toast kick. She eats it every morning for breakfast, then she usually eats a pbj for lunch everyday…so we keep the bread makers in business. I just need to start making my own. Broccoli is also her favorite. She gets really excited when we eat broccoli for dinner. Cinnamon gum is another favorite of hers. I think she has a thing for cinnamon.

One of her favorite things to do now that it’s cold outside is to play in the sink with her mermaids. She fills up the sink with water and splashes those mermaids all over the place. It makes a wet mess, but she loves it. I usually just the let the wet mess accumulate all day then clean it up at bath time. I’ve been drying a lot of towels lately!

That about sums up the latest happenings of my favorite little girl. She’s such a joy and delight and brings SO MUCH laughter to our house.

We love you forever and always, Lily!

One thought on “Lily Lately

  • You had a pretty vivid imagination, but Lily's is off the chart – never ending…. kind of like a Robin Williams ad lib without a script. BTW – love the vid of Lily baptizing Ariel in the sink, but she holds Ariel under a little too long!

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