Scott’s Fifth Month

Scott (and Lily),

You know that I love you. But if you ever question my love for you, please just be reminded of these monthly posts I do/did the first year of your life. They are a bit time consuming and it seems that it is only these particular posts that give me trouble…and it’s every single time. I love you forever and always, but if you ever need a significant amount of evidence, read your monthly posts.

Your frustrated-but-for-a-good-reason mother

  So excited to be five months old! 

Firsts: trip to Mentone, making pumpkin pie, sick visit/cold, Thanksgiving, cutting down Christmas tree/ sleigh ride, eating cereal and squash from a spoon

News Headlines: The only news that matters is that Auburn beat Alabama in the Iron Bowl 34-28 with 1 second left on the clock. Chris Davis caught a missed field goal and ran for a 109 yard touchdown. WAR EAGLE!!!

Favorite Toy Activity: You love to bounce and be in the air. You have a stuffed cow/chew toy that says “I love Moomy” that you play with a lot. Your sister loved this toy too. You have discovered Sanibel and have received lots of kisses from her.

Mommy’s Favorite: You are so snugly and I love your little flirtatious/shy grin.

Daddy’s Favorite: You smile at anything and anyone.

Lily’s Favorite: “He eats his fingers and stuff.”

Milestones: We think you can recognize your name, you can eat from a spoon, you can roll over back to belly and belly to back, you can grasp toys and bring them to your mouth, you can bat at toys in front of your face

Weight/Length: probably getting close to 18 lbs

Like Mommy: You love squash…but that’s iffy because you’ve only tried it twice.

Like Daddy: You LOVE Sanibel. Except that’s nothing like your Daddy.

Like Big Sister: You are starting to show quite a personality! And when you are sick you don’t eat well and you sleep a lot.

Best Memory: Our first Thanksgiving with you, thinking that this time last year was when we announced to our family that Mommy was pregnant with you!

Biggest Challenge: You tend to forget in the middle of the night that you can roll over from your belly to back. We always put you to sleep on your back, but you are SUCH a wiggle worm when you sleep that you usually roll onto your belly and get mad as all get out (even though you know how to roll to your back).

How We Spend the Day: Same as it’s always been…but that’s about to change after Christmas! More on that in your 6th month post.

Nicknames: Little Bud and Buddy

Funniest Moment: Mommy was bathing you and had your dirty clothes and diaper on the floor by the tub. Your diaper was a little dirty (seriously…just a little, almost not worth calling it poop) and Lily saw the remains in your diaper and said, “Hey, that looks like Larry!” (from Veggie Tales)

How We Celebrated: We decorated our Christmas tree!

Snuggling in Mentone 

One of your many grins

Warming up with Daddy after playing in the leaves

Sweet snuggles

You first taste of rice cereal. But the face you are making could be due to the fact that your mother is STILL wearing PowerPuff Girl pj pants from 9th grade.  

Big Sis wanted to give it a try! I’ve been telling her about helping me feed you since long before you were born. The day is finally here! 

This is how we roll through the ‘hood

You love to keep your hand near or over your face when you sleep

Excited about playing the piano! This should make your TBone proud. 

Aren’t ya proud, Mom?

Smiling at Sanibel…keep that mouth open too long and she’ll be kissing your mouth! 

Sweet sweet smiles! 

Big Sis feeding you again. You could spend your entire day staring at her. 

The tryptophan must have gotten to you on Thanksgiving

Singing songs with Granny Rosie

Saying “War Eagle” 

On the sleigh ride to cut down our Christmas tree. Your face kills me. 

Testing out those ears, getting ready for our Disney trip next year! 

And I’ll leave you with one of my favorites from this month 🙂 
A half a year is coming up next, Scott! Can’t even process that. It’s unreal how time flies fast anyway, but even faster with the second child. We love you forever and always!!! 

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