Mice, Parades, and the Griswolds

How has your day been? My day has consisted of cleaning up vomit and unknowingly touching mouse poop and human poop with my bare hands. 
I’d say that’s a good day. If you like that kind of thing. We are now on a hunt to find a mouse in our house, which makes me cringe from head to toe all the day long. Brent is currently in the kitchen with a broom. He asked me to come. I told him I physically can not. He told me to grow up. I told him I’m satisfied with my immature aversion to mice. 
Our evening did not go as planned. Our city has a Christmas parade every year and we had plans to go to a friend’s house downtown to watch, but Lily woke up from her nap not feeling well (she’s been running fever off and on all week) so we grabbed CFA and decided to watch from our car. 
Scott was extra fussy, which rarely happens. He was fed, had a clean diaper, and was well rested. I stressed because I had no clue what was going on and we forgot his paci. 
Lily needed to potty and the public restrooms around us were all “out of order”. Whatever. 
So we came home. 
Basically, we paid about $15 to eat in the parking lot of two stores with insufficient restroom facilities with a screaming baby and an uncomfortable daughter…which all of that made for slightly frustrated parents…then went home. 
Maybe we’ll try again next year. 
On the flip side, we live down the road from Clark Griswold. Lily has been begging us to go see the lights, as they are synced to music on the radio. She and I had a mini-date to watch the lights. Hopefully, it made up for our lack of parade watching tonight. 
Having lived in a house for almost five years with neighbors that were all grinches, I’m thrilled to live down the street from the Griswolds.  

I think it would be wrong of me to mention Clark Griswold and not include a clip from the best Christmas movie ever. I won’t say this is one of my favorite clips because I’d be lying to you. All the clips are my favorite. But here is one I quote a lot. “THE BLESSING”

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