Scott’s Sixth Month

Scott, your first half of your first year has come and gone and it puts me a little on the sad side. You are quickly moving toward your first birthday and time just won’t slow down for anything. As much as I miss the infant months, I look forward to the coming months where you will start to crawl, walk, and learn so much! You are the funnest and happiest baby I’ve ever been around (other than your sister). You bring so much joy to our house and family! My constant prayer is that you fall in love with Jesus and follow hard after Him all the days of your life. Your Daddy and I are so thankful that God gave us the blessed opportunity to raise you. Happy half birthday sweet boy! We love you! 

Firsts: nap in bed for longer than 45 minutes, birthday party (your sister’s 4th), Christmas program (your sister’s), Christmas and all of the fun events that go with it (including eating with the Big Boys at Christmas dinner during which you learned fabulous table manners), Puffs for snack, attempt at a sippy cup/drinking water, sweet potatoes, green beans, bananas

News Headlines: This isn’t much of a news story, but Mommy read about those little infant pacis getting stuck on a little boy’s finger and he almost lost his thumb. No more for you! You won’t take any other paci, so I think you are done with them. 

Favorite Toy/Activity: Anything that can go in your mouth, Johnny Jump-Up, all things music

Mommy’s Favorite: Watching you play with Sanibel and by play I mean watching you CRACK UP when Sanibel licks you in the face 

Daddy’s Favorite: Playing peek-a-boo

Lily’s Favorite: “I love that he pulls my hair. And I love being his sister.” 

Milestones: You have finally realized that naps are a good thing and usually take 2-3 naps for at least an hour at a time during the day, sitting up with very little support, trying more and more solid foods (apples, squash, green beans, sweet potatoes), playing peek-a-boo, dancing (we call it “The Wiggle”), clasping and playing with your hands

Weight/Length: Will update after the doc visit later this month

Like Mommy: You are starting to depend on your routine, which makes this Momma happy because I love routine! 

Like Daddy: It looks like your hair may be straight as a board like your daddy’s. Mommy is still hoping for some curls. 

Like Big Sis: You love Sanibel just like Lily did when she was your age

Best Memory: Watching you play with Sanibel (obviously this was a major part of your 6th month)

Biggest Challenge: Now that you are actually napping, our challenge this month has been working around your morning nap. If we aren’t going anywhere then it’s no big deal, but if we have somewhere to be, it can be tricky trying to get ready and out of the house before your nap (so you can sleep in the car). 

How We Spend the Day: Most of this month was spent on Christmas break, so our days were not typical. 

Nicknames: Buddy, Little Bud. Lily and Daddy call you Scotty, but I don’t want that to stick so they have to be careful to only call you that at home. 

Funniest Moment: Your awesome dance moves. We call it The Wiggle. Sometimes you combine The Wiggle with The Squeals and you give us a complete song and dance routine!

How We Celebrated: We didn’t really celebrate, sorry little guy! Gosh, that makes me sound awful. Mommy started back to working full-time today, so you were actually at home with Daddy and Lily. 

Hiding your eyes while you eat 

Family Date Night, enjoying the Christmas lights

With your beautiful Granny Rosie

You get lots of kisses from your sister, whether you want them or not

With Nana and TBone

Christmas cuties, with a photobomb TBone

Opening presents in Mentone

With Mom and Pop

This is when you had the chance to sit with the Big Boys and learn how to act like a man at the table….

…show your food, shove food in your mouth, and even fart. There’s a reason these boys aren’t allowed at the grown-up table. 

Christmas morning before opening presents

Merry Christmas from the VKs! 

All the Christmas present chaos got to you. You fell asleep in PaPaw’s lap

Lily teaching you how to drive your new car

Trying out the sippy cup for the first time

Oh my, quite possibly one of my favorite pictures of you ever. 

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