Scott’s 10th and 11th Months

And here we are at 11 months 

Let’s be honest, the guy is almost a year old, so who really knows if the statements below are true of his 10th month or his 12th month? It’s really all running together at this point. I think with the subsequent children (IF that happens, y’all) I’ll just give a yearly review. So much easier than this monthly thing. I just can’t.

Firsts: Probably some foods that you’ve never had before (you don’t prefer cantaloupe or watermelon), hanging out in our storm shelter, ice cream, stomach bug
News Headlines: Not a clue, I figure if you really want to know we’ll just buy you one of those booklets from Cracker Barrel that tell you all the big news that happened the year you were born
Favorite Toy/Activity: Opening and closing things, climbing stairs, kitchen cabinets, brushing your hair, listening to the harmonica (you hand it to us to play for you)
Mommy’s Favorite: Hearing you talk
Daddy’s Favorite: When you call his name
Lily’s Favorite: You are about to turn one!
Milestones: Were you crawling in the last update? You are now. And pulling up. You are very verbal: dog, dada, mama, bye da, dadow, and something that resembles thank you
Weight/Length: 24 lbs
Like Mommy: Finally showing some curls in your hair
Like Daddy: You love ice cream!
Like Big Sis: Very smart!
Best Memory: Your sweet teachers made a memory book of you and your friends from school. I love it!
Biggest Challenge: Getting you to drink from a sippy cup. It’s not the liquid or the temperature because you’ll drink anything out of a bottle. And you’ll also drink anything out of a cup. I have a cabinet full of different kinds of sippy cups that you just simply aren’t interested in. I know it’s silly of me to even worry about this. I’m not worried, actually. You just have a sister that was able to drop the bottle and formula cold turkey just before she turned a year, and I have the same expectation of you. Sorry. You can take that up with her.
How We Spend the Day: Same as it’s been since January.
Nicknames: Scotty and Buddy
Funniest Moment: I’m sure we’ve shared a lot of laughs lately. You’re a pretty funny guy. But forgive me, I didn’t make a note of any particular moment that produced a lot of laughter.

Just some young doctors giving Scout the dog a check-up 

You had your first stomach bug and it was BAD! It wiped out the whole family.

Headed to a superhero party for one of Lily’s best friends 

The two handsomest guys I know. Your first Easter! 

The sun was a little bright 


But for real…you are a happy guy most of the time. And you have the BEST sister! 

FroYo date with your buddy Parker

Riding out the tornadoes in our storm shelter

Painting with chocolate pudding 

Harmonica love 

First taste of ice cream! 
Getting into anything you can!

Rides in the wagon with your goofy sister

And rides on the lawn mower with your daddy. He’s ready for the day you can do this job by yourself!

We love you Buddy! We’ll be celebrating your first birthday at the beach!

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