Scott’s 2nd Birthday

Favorite Color: Blue, everything is blue

Favorite Food: Squeezies and chips (chocolate chips to be exact, not a bag of chips)
Favorite Character: Miles from Tomorrowland, Pete from Chuggington, and Mickey Mouse
Favorite Drink: Lemonade, although Mommy rarely gives it to you. Milk is usually your drink of choice 
when you are offered milk or juice
Favorite Song: The Wheels on the Bus and you love for us to sing “Jesus Loves Me” before bed
Favorite Bible story: You don’t have one yet
Favorite Activity: “I wan dada/mamma/Wee dace you” translates to “I want Daddy/Mommy/Lily to chase me”. You LOVE for us to chase you all over the house. It’s the very first thing you ask daddy to do when he walks in the door from work.
Obsession: All things cars. You always have one in your hand. You bathe with them, eat with them, ride in the car with them, sleep with them. You are specific about which cars you want to sleep with so part of our routine every night is finding the two cars you prefer to snuggle with. Sometimes you wake up in the middle of the night and realize the cars are not in your hand and you cry for them, so we (usually Daddy) go back in your room to hand it to you and you fall right back asleep. You are very particular about how you hold your cars. When we are out in public, you point out the vans, buses, trucks, big trucks, cars, and you can spot Jeeps really well. 
Nicknames: Scotty and Buddy 
Like Mommy: Your curly hair 
Like Daddy: Your happy, go with the flow attitude
Like Lily: Mr. Independent wants to do things “by self” just like Lily did at this age
Mommy’s Favorite: You are a loyal and loving person. I love that you love your sister, “Wee.” You ask about her in the mornings when you wake up before her, you always want Wee “side you” (beside you) when you are on the couch or eating, I love when you see her and say “Hey Wee”, you always want to play with her whether that’s with cars or the doll house. You just want to be with Wee at all times. 
Daddy’s Favorite: your ability to play in an imaginative world is beginning and it’s so interesting to watch and hear you play pretend, especially with your sister
Funniest Thing About You: Your face when you are closing your eyes for a game of “Hide n Seek”. You wrinkle up your nose and eyes with a huge grin on your face, but you are clearly watching where everyone hides. 
What You Will be When you Grow Up: Something that involves you being social. You love people.

What We Did Celebrate: You are really interested in trains right now, so we took you to Chattnooga to ride the train. Then we ate dinner and cupcakes at Mom and Pop’s house in Mentone. The next day, famly came over for dinner and to watch fireworks for the 4th. Your favorite gift was the remote control Miles from Tomorrowland toy. 

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