Ruby’s Second Month

Firsts: Winterfest, sleeping in your own bed, Halloween, hayride, dinner with the Whites

Favorite Toy/Activity: You still love to stare out the window early in the morning to see the sunlight. You don’t love any particular toy. You will bat at the toys on your bouncy seat or play mat. You love to watch the ceiling fan or anything that has contrasting colors. You have a little bit of a disadvantage. I can’t lay you down on the floor surrounded by toys because I’m not sure what your brother may do to you! So, you are usually in the pack n play, bouncy seat, swing, or being held. 
Mommy’s Favorite: your smile
Daddy’s Favorite: Listening to I Am They and rocking you when you are fussy
Lily’s Favorite: Holding you when you are awake because you’re pretty 
Scott’s Favorite: He likes to read to you. He points to the pictures and says “What’s dat Wuby?”
Milestones: You are going 6-8 hours between bottles at night. You still wake up and need your paci, so you aren’t necessarily sleeping through the night yet. You eat 4-5 ounces every 3-4 hours. You are in size 1 diapers and and 0-3 and 3 month clothes. You are holding your head up well. You are learning to nap in your bed and fall asleep on your own for naps and bedtime. 
Weight/Length: around 10 lbs
Like Mommy: Your dark blue eyes
Like Daddy: The way you bend your toes and spread them apart like you can’t relax them 
Like Lily: your long eyelashes
Like Scott: Most people say you look like him 
Best Memory: walking the greenway in perfect fall weather
Biggest Challenge: This isn’t a big deal at all, but you have a runny nose and you have hard time sleeping at night because you can’t breathe and suck on your paci at the same time. 
How We Spend the Day: You wake up every morning between 5-6 for your first bottle and fall asleep depending on how early you eat. If you eat at 6 I try to keep you up for a while. You usually sleep in the car during Lily and Scott’s car lines and eat again usually between 8-10. You play then take some cat naps around the house and eat again in the early afternoon. Then we do car lines again and you sleep. You eat again around 1 or 2. Then you play and sleep throughout the rest of the afternoon and early evening. You eat two more times before going to bed for the night around 10 or 11. 
Nicknames: Scott no longer calls you Tiny Little Baby and Lily no longer calls you Sweet Precious :(. We do still refer to you as Wuby Jeams though :). We also call you Ruby Jean and Miss Ruby. 
Funniest Moment: We laugh at your toots a lot, haha!!! 
How We Celebrated: Lily had a sleepover so your daddy bought donuts for breakfast. 
Love you sweet girl. Looking forward to your first Thanksgiving and Christmas!!! 

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