Lily is SIX!!!

Lily, you are six! Wow! That means in four years you will be 10 and in 10 years you will be driving.

I looked back to read about your 5th birthday and apparently I never wrote anything. Sorry! I guess our Disney trip will have to make up for the fact that I didn’t record your 5th year. It was full of Disney princesses and more Disney princesses.

I think I can say you are officially out of the older preschool phase and moving into your true kid years. You have interests and hobbies and friends and like to just play in your room by yourself (or with your brother when you don’t have a choice because he thinks you are the bomb dot com).

I think the best and most important milestone of your life happened on May 2, 2015. You became a Christian! We believe the Lord had been working on your heart for a while leading up to this point. While we were in the car driving home from Uncle Ben’s college graduation you initiated a conversation with us and after a long conversation, and one that only a 5 year old would be able to have with the prompting of the Holy Spirit, you decided to obey and follow Him! We haven’t made a huge deal about this publicly because we want to make sure this is a genuine heart transformation. We are already seeing evidence of a repentant heart and that is giving us confirmation that the Holy Spirit is dwelling in you.

You started kindergarten this year and although you’ve already been in school since K3, school is the real deal now. You have homework, you’re establishing friendships, and you’re learning to read! You’ve always loved books and you especially love them now that you can read the words! You also love to draw and create things.

Favorite Toy/Activity: Barbie Dream House (which is actually the Barbie Glam Getaway House) and playing school

Favorite Movie: Tangled

Favorite Show: Sofia the First

Favorite Chore: Cleaning the bathrooms (you are going to wish you had never said those words)

Favorite Song: Shut Up and Dance, 12 Days of Christmas

Favorite Food: Donuts

Favorite Bible story/verse: Baby Jesus, Luke 2:11 and Psalm 100

Best Friends: Emma and Noah

What you want to be when you grow: a teacher or a dentist

Hobbies: Dance

Make Believe Friends: Chelsea and Dirt

Your Favorite Memory: playdates with Emma

Just as I’ve said for six years now, you are a pure joy to have in our family. You are funny, smart, creative, kind, a great friend, helpful, compassionate, and completely beautiful inside and out. We love you and pray you will continue to heed God’s voice and follow His perfect plan for your life. You will always be our baby girl, even when you’re “87 and wrinkly”. Here’s to another year, Lily!

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