Ruby’s Fourth Month

Firsts: Christmas, New Year’s, going to school, bath in an infant tub, meeting Daddy’s half-sister Casey, visit to the Space and Rocket Center

Favorite Toy/Activity: You can sit up now in your bumbo seat and this other seat we bought you. Both of them have a tray, so you can play with toys on the tray. You love to watch your sister and brother play and be loud and wild. You love your Violet Leap Frog dog that you got for Christmas. It stays in your crib and plays lullabies when you are going to sleep. 

Mommy’s Favorite: You are at the age that you have started to interact with others and it’s fun to talk, sing, and laugh with you 

Daddy’s Favorite: He says, “Me too” to Mommy’s answer. 

Lily’s Favorite: When the two of you talk to each other 

Scott’s Favorite: He loves to kiss you

Milestones: You haven’t rolled over yet but you can turn yourself around on your floor gym, sleeping 10 hours at night, eating cereal in your late afternoon bottle, sitting up in your bumbo, holding your held up really well

Weight/Length: Probably a little over 12, but I really have zero clue. We don’t go to your 4 month check up until after you turn 5 months. 

Like Mommy: Your big grin

Like Daddy: You are a deep sleeper 

Like Lily: Most mornings you wake up in a good mood and occasionally you will stay in bed and talk before we come to get you

Like Scott: I still think you favor him more than Lily. Your smile is definitely big like his was as a baby. 

Best Memory: Hearing you belly laugh for the first time. We were in your bedroom and Lily was doing cartwheels, flipping around, and falling on the floor. You thought it was the funniest thing you’ve ever seen. 

Biggest Challenge: Your eating habits have been really weird this month. You are taking 6 ounces at a time, but not at consistent intervals during the day. It was causing you to take your last bottle really early in the evening and wake up too early in the morning, so we started putting cereal in your late afternoon bottle to help hold you off longer before your last bottle. 

How We Spend the Day: You wake up everyday between 6 and 7 and take 6 ounces. You play and get ready for school. Once you are there you eat twice, playing and napping in between. You have a great time at school and are always happy when I pick you up. You have some wonderful ladies that take care of you while I’m at work. You are well-loved during the day for sure! I pick you up by 3 everyday and you usually take your 4th bottle sometime around 4 then take a late afternoon nap. It usually lasts about an hour. You wake up and play while we eat dinner, then you get a bath (on bath nights), take your last bottle around 7 and you’re in bed by 8 most nights. 

Nicknames: Wuby Jeams and Miss Ruby seem to be the ones that are sticking

Funniest Moment: Hearing you belly laugh for the first time! 

How We Celebrated: There were no big celebrations. It was cold and rainy outside, so we stayed in our warm house and did the normal stuff we always do in the afternoons after school.  

You and your BFF Marion at school. Her mommy works with your mommy! 

Christmas with the VKs 

Lily’s 6th birthday at Jack’s (birthday girl’s choice!)

Christmas in Mentone with TBone! 

You finally got to meet Uncle Gus!

Christmas in Mentone with Aunt Sandra

Christmas in Mentone with Uncle Ben 

ALL the lovies! 

Matching PJs with Aunt Sandra!

Matching PJs with Uncle Cleveland! 
Girl talk with Casey

Christmas Eve in our matching PJs!

Your family is crazy on ALL sides! 

Christmas in Mentone with Nana

Scott is 2 1/2!

Oh Michael Scott,

My favorite little boy ever. You are two and a half today and in my favorite stage of toddlerhood. You are becoming your own little person and it is just the funnest thing.  There is something very special between you and me. I imagine it’s the same special bond your daddy has with your sisters. I love being a boy mom. Lily can probably be a witness to this, but I think I do better at toddler boy things than I did with toddler girl things. Cars, trains, and planes are my jam. Dolls and dress up? Not so much. You’re my only boy and that makes me very sad sometimes. I just want to soak up every bit of this stage you are in because I won’t get to do it again with another little VK boy in the future. I don’t want your toddler years to pass. Just stay two forever, k? I know, I know, there is much more to look forward to as you get older, but right now, today, in this very moment, I want you to stay two. Because you’re fun. You’re joyful. You’re silly. You’re kind. You’re loving. You’re just the greatest toddler boy I know. Being your mom is a wonderful blessing and I love watching you be every bit of a two year old boy. 
Favorite Toy: Hands down, the “bayan” wins any contest as being your favorite toy. You load it up with anything small enough to to fit inside and drive it all over the house. Also, anything that moves: cars, trains, planes, trucks, tractors, etc. 
Favorite Activity: Parking all those things that move. You went through a phase where you had to park at least 20 of your cars before we did anything or went anywhere. You also love to watercolor and kick the soccer ball. 
Favorite Movie: You don’t have a favorite movie yet, but some that you like to watch are Toy Story, The Incredibles, and the fire truck movie that came with a book you have   
Favorite Show: Paw Patrol and Miles from Tomorrowland
Favorite Chore: Feeding Sanibel
Favorite Song: Wheels on the Bus
Favorite Food: “choc chips in bolt” (chocolate chips in a bowl), clementines, bananas, “feevees” (squeezies)
Favorite Bible Story/Verse: You love anything with Baby Jesus
Best Friends: Parker, Noelle, Samuel, Silas, Emmi, Ryan, and Nathaniel 
What You Want to Be When You Grow Up: I asked you and you pouted at me and said “NO I WANT JUICE!!” so I don’t think I’m going to get an answer from you on this one. 
Make Believe Friends: You don’t have any yet 
Funny Moment: You overheard your daddy say “dadgummit” during an Auburn game one Saturday and you instantly knew it was something he shouldn’t have said. So what did you do? Started saying it of course. No matter how many times we said “no” you insisted on saying the phrase. The phrase became “no dummit” for you and we began ignoring you every time you said it, hoping that would do the trick. One day your daddy wasn’t at the house and you asked me where he was. I said, “He went to buy a new gun.” You said, “He buy more dummits?” So now you think “dummits” are guns. 
Our favorites about you right now: 
1) You love to tell secrets then laugh about it
2) You love to lay on the couch with “tovers” and watch a show
3) “Bird poop” is your default answer. What’s in your diaper? Bird poop. What’s that smell? Bird poop. What’s on your shirt? Bird poop. What are you eating? Bird poop. What are you playing with? Bird poop. What does Ruby have? Bird poop. 
4) Speaking of Ruby, you adore her and you help Mommy and Daddy take good care of her from getting her paci or a burp cloth when we need it, to laying on her mat with her and keeping her happy. 
5) Parking and counting cars. You are obsessed with counting things, especially all the cars you line up perfectly. 
6) “Don’t weave Mommy!” how can I not love to hear this?
7) Two words we love to hear you say: “sweebs” and “feevees” (sleeves and squeezies)
8) Weeyay (your name for Lily) 
9) Whenever we ask you to do something, you always insist on doing something else “hirs” (first). 
10) When you are ugly to your sisters, you are the sweetest little thing when you finally come around to apologizing. 
11) You love to be a helper. You jump at any chance to help when we need it. You will even fight Lily for the chance to help us. 
12) When you ask all of your questions with a falsetto voice. It cracks us up. 
13) When it starts to get dark outside, you say, “Is it dark tonight?”
14) When you say “Whateber”
15) If you don’t want to do something, you say it’s “too hebby” (too heavy). 
I had a really hard time choosing which pictures to include.

This is THE toy of the year! The “bayan”

Dancing with Lily at Granny Rosie’s house on Christmas

You love to build towers and think it’s hysterical when they fall. 

Mean muggin’ 

You think she’s pretty awesome

Speaking of awesome…

That time Mary took Joseph, baby Jesus, and the wise men to the store in her bayan to buy more “chickens and meat”. 

Headed to your first day of school with cars in your hand, of course. You look thrilled. 

Christmas parade!

The curls, the blue eyes, and the blue tongue. LOVE!

Uncle Ben took you for a ride in Uncle LaDaryl’s Jeep (you have a thing for Jeeps and can spot them anywhere) 

Your first hair cut. The chair was “too hebby” and you refused to sit in it, even in Daddy’s lap. We played a Disney show on the phone while the hairdresser crawled around on the floor to trim your curls. 

All the cars lined up and ready for a good night’s sleep

So overjoyed about Ruby!
It’s inevitable, you are going to grow, change, and get older. It’s okay. I’ll love whatever stage you are in because I love you. One thing that you must not change is your kindness. Keep it up. That is a characteristic this world needs. 
I pray that you will begin to understand sin, see your own, and recognize your need for Jesus. He’s your only hope! I pray for you to have a heart that loves Jesus and desires to make Him known among the nations. I pray you will be strong and courageous and dare to do great things. 
Keep on being your silly, fun-loving self. It’s the only way you will survive in our crazy family anyway. 
We love you, Scott!  

Ruby’s Third Month

Wuby Jeams,
I just can’t believe you are already three months old. When your sister was born, those first three months were the longest months of my life and I thought I would never survive the newborn/new mother fog. I guess I know what I’m doing now…at least a little more than I did six years ago.

Firsts: Thanksgiving, birthday party for your great-grandparents, Christmas parade (except you stayed in the warm house with Debbie while she fed you a bottle), Galaxy of Lights, Sunday at Mommy and Daddy’s church where they met, baby shower for Mav, making a Gingerbread house with your brother and sister

Favorite Toy/Activity: You still love your floor gym and your bouncy seat. You aren’t quite ready for the exersaucer or bumbo seat yet so there isn’t much else for you to do for entertainment. 

Mommy’s Favorite: hearing you coo and talk to people and toys

Daddy’s Favorite: same as Mommy’s

Lily’s Favorite: talking to you

Scott’s Favorite: He loves to hold you, although he can’t do it on his own yet. He still talks to you in a high pitched voice when he sees you. “Hey Ruby!” 

Milestones: You are officially sleeping through the night. You were at two months, but I wasn’t sure if it would stick so I didn’t get my hopes up. You consistently take your last bottle anywhere between 9-11 and sleep until 7. You eat every four hours, taking five 5 oz bottles at a time. This is the longest stretch you have gone without a growth spurt or having to change up your bottles. You are in size 1 diapers. You enjoy tummy time a little more than before and are working on building those neck and back muscles! You rarely need help going to sleep. You have discovered your thumb, and while I prefer the paci and offer it to you often, I’m okay with you being able to soothe yourself to sleep. 

Weight/Length: Probably a little over 11 pounds

Like Mommy: Your big grin

Like Daddy: You are a deep sleeper 

Like Lily: Most mornings you wake up in a good mood and occasionally you will stay in bed and talk before we come to get you

Like Scott: I still think you favor him more than Lily. Your smile is definitely big like his was as a baby. 

Best Memory: Thanksgiving! 

Biggest Challenge: You share a room with your sister, so it’s been a challenge trying to figure out nap times and bed times. But it really hasn’t been a big problem since you can sleep through most things. 

How We Spend the Day: You wake up every morning at 7 and have a 5 oz bottle. You play, nap, and eat again at 11. You eat every four hours. You still take several cat naps during the day instead of a couple of long naps, but that’s due to you having to conform to everyone else’s schedule. When you aren’t sleeping, you are playing on your floor gym, in your bouncy seat, laying on the bed in your sister or brother’s room (because they love your company), or sitting with mommy and daddy and talking. You take your last bottle somewhere between 9-11 and sleep until the next morning. 

Nicknames: Wuby Jeams, Miss Ruby, and Ruby Sue (from Christmas Vacation-you can thank your uncles for that one)

Funniest Moment: When Uncle Ben drew fake eyebrows on your forehead with a black marker 

How We Celebrated: Mommy had plans so Daddy got Zaxby’s for dinner and got you and your siblings in bed. I know that’s not necessarily celebrating, but that’s what our day held the day you turned three months!  

Daddy with some of his cousins at his grandparents’ 80th birthday party

Aunt Kim finally got to hold you! 

Your great-grandparents holding some of their great-grandchildren and their first great great grandchild, Lilly Ann! 

Napping at your cousin Maverick’s baby shower

He adores you! 

Gingerbread house making with the siblings! 

This lady right here is a treasure! We go to Debbie’s house most years for the Christmas parade. Mommy teaches with her. She offered to keep you in her warm house while the rest of us walked a block away to enjoy the parade. 

Lily feeds you anytime she gets a chance! 

Lily made Indian feathers for everyone at Thanksgiving. You are busy practicing your Indian chant. 

Post-turkey nap with Granddaddy

Your Thanksgiving feast was no different from all the other meals you eat

Another post-turkey nap

He’s proud of his shenanigans

A close-up of your awesome new eyebrows

Happy Thanksgiving from these three turkeys!

Looking lovely in your new monogrammed gown

Talking with Daddy before bedtime
Three months got here fast! Your fourth month will be eventful with your first Christmas, NYE, and going to school. We love you, Ruby!