Ruby’s Fourth Month

Firsts: Christmas, New Year’s, going to school, bath in an infant tub, meeting Daddy’s half-sister Casey, visit to the Space and Rocket Center

Favorite Toy/Activity: You can sit up now in your bumbo seat and this other seat we bought you. Both of them have a tray, so you can play with toys on the tray. You love to watch your sister and brother play and be loud and wild. You love your Violet Leap Frog dog that you got for Christmas. It stays in your crib and plays lullabies when you are going to sleep. 

Mommy’s Favorite: You are at the age that you have started to interact with others and it’s fun to talk, sing, and laugh with you 

Daddy’s Favorite: He says, “Me too” to Mommy’s answer. 

Lily’s Favorite: When the two of you talk to each other 

Scott’s Favorite: He loves to kiss you

Milestones: You haven’t rolled over yet but you can turn yourself around on your floor gym, sleeping 10 hours at night, eating cereal in your late afternoon bottle, sitting up in your bumbo, holding your held up really well

Weight/Length: Probably a little over 12, but I really have zero clue. We don’t go to your 4 month check up until after you turn 5 months. 

Like Mommy: Your big grin

Like Daddy: You are a deep sleeper 

Like Lily: Most mornings you wake up in a good mood and occasionally you will stay in bed and talk before we come to get you

Like Scott: I still think you favor him more than Lily. Your smile is definitely big like his was as a baby. 

Best Memory: Hearing you belly laugh for the first time. We were in your bedroom and Lily was doing cartwheels, flipping around, and falling on the floor. You thought it was the funniest thing you’ve ever seen. 

Biggest Challenge: Your eating habits have been really weird this month. You are taking 6 ounces at a time, but not at consistent intervals during the day. It was causing you to take your last bottle really early in the evening and wake up too early in the morning, so we started putting cereal in your late afternoon bottle to help hold you off longer before your last bottle. 

How We Spend the Day: You wake up everyday between 6 and 7 and take 6 ounces. You play and get ready for school. Once you are there you eat twice, playing and napping in between. You have a great time at school and are always happy when I pick you up. You have some wonderful ladies that take care of you while I’m at work. You are well-loved during the day for sure! I pick you up by 3 everyday and you usually take your 4th bottle sometime around 4 then take a late afternoon nap. It usually lasts about an hour. You wake up and play while we eat dinner, then you get a bath (on bath nights), take your last bottle around 7 and you’re in bed by 8 most nights. 

Nicknames: Wuby Jeams and Miss Ruby seem to be the ones that are sticking

Funniest Moment: Hearing you belly laugh for the first time! 

How We Celebrated: There were no big celebrations. It was cold and rainy outside, so we stayed in our warm house and did the normal stuff we always do in the afternoons after school.  

You and your BFF Marion at school. Her mommy works with your mommy! 

Christmas with the VKs 

Lily’s 6th birthday at Jack’s (birthday girl’s choice!)

Christmas in Mentone with TBone! 

You finally got to meet Uncle Gus!

Christmas in Mentone with Aunt Sandra

Christmas in Mentone with Uncle Ben 

ALL the lovies! 

Matching PJs with Aunt Sandra!

Matching PJs with Uncle Cleveland! 
Girl talk with Casey

Christmas Eve in our matching PJs!

Your family is crazy on ALL sides! 

Christmas in Mentone with Nana

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