Ruby’s Fifth Month

Firsts: Valentine’s Day, spend the night with Grandma/night away from Mommy, bridal tea for Aunt Katie, eating from a spoon (bananas), snow day

Favorite Toy/Activity: You love to squeal and talk! You also love to lay on the floor and slobber all over anything you can bring to your mouth. 

Mommy’s Favorite: You are such a happy baby!

Daddy’s Favorite: Daddy always says “Ditto” 

Lily’s Favorite: Your squealing and your chubby cheeks

Scott’s Favorite: He is always wondering where you are. You are HIS baby and no one else’s. He still gets so excited to see you, just like he was when we brought you home from the hospital.  

Milestones: You can roll from belly to back, although that’s because you hate to be on your belly. Still working on rolling from back to belly. You can grasp things and bring them to your mouth. You tried solid food for the first time–bananas with rice cereal, formula, and water. 

Weight/Length: We’ll find out soon! We go to the doctor this week. 

Like Mommy: You’re naggy and needy and your voice can be shrill  (haha, that’s what Daddy says! He’s such a little stinker!) 

Like Daddy: You are a deep sleeper 

Like Lily: Most mornings you wake up in a good mood and occasionally you will stay in bed and talk before we come to get you

Like Scott: Your smile and chunky cheeks.

Best Memory: One Saturday morning you woke up too early so we brought you in to our room to get you back to sleep before you woke up your sister. Your brother heard us, and crawled in our bed too. Not long after, Lily joined us. So by 6:30 everyone was awake and in our bed. It was fun for a little while until everyone started falling apart from waking up too early. 

Biggest Challenge: You’ve had a cold for about a week now and the congestion and cough keep you awake at night…but we’re thankful it’s just a cold! 

How We Spend the Day: You wake up everyday between 6 and 7 and take 6 ounces. You play and get ready for school. Once you are there you eat twice, playing and napping in between. You have a great time at school and are always happy when I pick you up. You have some wonderful ladies that take care of you while I’m at work. You are well-loved during the day for sure! I pick you up by 3 everyday and you usually take your 4th bottle sometime around 4 then take a late afternoon nap. It usually lasts about an hour. You wake up and play while we eat dinner, then you get a bath (on bath nights), take your last bottle around 7 and you’re in bed by 8 most nights. 

Nicknames: Wuby Jeams and Miss Ruby seem to be the ones that are sticking

Funniest Moment: When your brother claims you as his own and doesn’t allow anyone else to talk to you, call your name, kiss you, or give you any kind of attention. He LOVES you!!! (and, of course, we all do…but don’t tell him!) 

How We Celebrated: We went to church, had afternoon naps, and Mommy cooked a big Sunday dinner (that you weren’t able to eat, sorry!) 

Scott says “CHEESE Wuby Jeams!” 

Big brother loves to show off his tower building skills when you’re around. 

We’ve had a few days of warm weather! 

Trying bananas for the first time 

Playing in the tent with big sister and brother. Lily was blogging about her baby Marena (or something like that). 


We were invited to celebrate the Chinese New Year with the Greens and several families that have adopted or are in the process of adopting from China. 

Feeding time with Granddaddy

Aunt Katie’s bridal tea 

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