Ruby’s Seventh and Eighth Months

Truth: This picture wasn’t actually taken the day you turned 7 months. You are a few days short of being 8 months. 
Truth: This picture wasn’t actually taken the day you turned 8 months. It was taken just 2 weeks after the first picture. Just enough time for there to be a noticeable difference between the two. Like different sheets. Okay, and maybe longer hair. 

Well, what do you know? Your mother has failed to keep up with these monthly posts. Unlike your sister, who was the only child for 3 1/2 years and never knew the affliction of her mother missing a monthly post, you are not the only child and I’m surprised I’m just now messing this up. Alas, before you turn 9 months, here are the details of your 7th and 8th months. 

Firsts: Puffs, yogurt melts, black eyed peas, water in a sippy cup (you are actually a pro at that), feeding yourself a bottle, sitting up with assistance

Favorite Toy/Activity: Playing on the floor with all of your toys, you love to chew on your toes, watching your brother and sister play and dance 

Mommy’s Favorite: You are such a happy baby!

Daddy’s Favorite: Daddy always says “Ditto” 

Lily’s Favorite: Your squealing and your chubby cheeks

Scott’s Favorite: He doesn’t like when you are napping, so he gets really excited to see you when you wake up. While you are asleep, he asks several times “I can go check on Wuby???”  

Milestones: You can roll belly to back and back to belly; you don’t mind being on your tummy and you actually sleep on your tummy most nights now; you are sitting up with assistance; you can eat real food, not just baby food; you can wave at yourself and clap 

Weight/Length: 18 lbs; 75% in height and weight 

Like Mommy: Your hair is getting lighter and showing signs of being curly 

Like Daddy: You are content and easily pleased 

Like Lily: Most mornings you wake up in a good mood and occasionally you will stay in bed and talk before we come to get you

Like Scott: Your smile, chunky cheeks, and hair

Best Memory: You were a flower girl in Aunt Katie’s wedding! 

Biggest Challenge: Still having some nasty diapers 

How We Spend the Day: You wake up around 6 or 6:30 and have 6 ounces of formula and a container of yogurt, you play until your mid-morning nap around 8 or 8:30, you sleep for about 1 1/2 hours, then you eat 6 oz around 10:30 and play until lunchtime, at noon you have a jar of food and play until 1 when you and your siblings take a nap, you wake up by 2:30 or 3 and have another 6 oz bottle, you play and have a cat nap around 5, you then have another jar of food while we eat dinner, you take your last bottle sometime between 7 and 7:30 and you are in bed by 8. 

Nicknames: Wuby Jeams and Miss Ruby 

Funniest Moment: You LOVE to take selfies! 

How We Celebrated: Daddy was out of town the month of April so we didn’t celebrate your 7th month, and your 8th month was in the middle of end of the year/birthdays/anniversary chaos so we didn’t celebrate that month either. I promise your 12 months will be a big deal! 

Coming Up: Summer break!!! 

First time to try out the swing outside 

Meeting your cousin Mav for the first time

 Dancing with Granddaddy at Aunt Katie and Uncle Zack’s wedding

He has a very special love for his Wuby Jeams 

When Daddy left for Dallas your feet did not touch the bottom of the exersaucer. By the time he came home, you could stand in the exersaucer. 

Your sweet brother rocking you to sleep.

You spent a lot of time with Nana and TBone while Daddy was away. They came up a few times to help out with yard work, errands I needed to run, and just letting me get some rest. 

Baby girl at your 6 month appointment, at 7 1/2 months old. You take all the shots like a champ! 

Swinging on the front porch in Mentone with Mom and Pop 

Playing at the neighbors house

You and your siblings took me out to eat for Mother’s Day 

Always so happy! 

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