Blog’s First Birthday Giveaway!

***Update: I have extended the deadline to Monday (3/30) at midnight. 
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear VK Blog,
Happy Birthday to you!
So we have successfully completed the first year of blogging! We (or I, since I am the one who does the blogging) have covered many topics, most of which I hope have made you laugh. We are proud to announce the first birthday blog giveaway. And now, the unveiling of the “something”, here is a picture of what one lucky winner will receive!  
Here’s the deal: You have until 11:59 pm Sunday night to comment on the birthday blog. You must leave a knock knock joke and some way of letting me know who you are. Please don’t leave your address or phone number. Your first name will do. If you do not leave a knock knock joke, I will not consider your comment when selecting the winner. After a winner has been selected, I will announce it on another blog post and the winner and I will decide the best to get the “something” to you. I will use to select the winner. Be on the look out for the next post. I will also announce our favorite knock knock joke. Have fun posting and happy first birthday VK blog!  

17 thoughts on “Blog’s First Birthday Giveaway!

  • Please do not laugh at how corny this joke is. I know very few knock knock jokes and heard this one a week or two ago and have been saving it for this purpose. So here it goes:Knock, KnockWho’s there?Dwayne.Dwayne who?Dwayne the bathtub because I’m getting all pruney! Remember this is from the girl who has no sense of humor!Joe and I miss ya’ll!

  • I have been waiting for this! I had been stressing out because I just couldn’t find a good knock knock joke. And then, THE OFFICE came on and it was the first thing Michael Scott said! Totally made my day. So here it is….Knock, KnockWho’s there?Buddha?Buddha who?Buddha this bread for me, will ya?

  • This one is from your flower princess, not me. She did this to me about 6 months ago and I so fell for it! Makes me laugh just thinking of me falling for a 4 year olds joke!Hey I’m Haley. Will you remember me tomorrow? YESWill you remember me in 2 days? YESWill you remember me in 3 days? YES*at this point I said, Yes Haley, I will remember you forever. Mom can I tell you a joke?Knock KnockWho’s there?Haley Haley WhoMOM, you said you would remember me!

  • This one is not from me, but from your dad. I don’t want to be known as this crude, really.Knock, KnockWho’s there?CentipedeCentipede who?Centipede on the Christmas tree.

  • Haha, this is totally from me… because who else would it really be from? And I know you don’t expect much from me anyway, so here it goes:Knock, knock.Who’s there?Dewey.Dewey who?Dewey really have to tell you a joke to win a “something”?I miss you and LOVE you!!!

  • Brittany, I never thought I would laugh out loud at a knock knock joke until I read your father’s. Figures he would write one like that. ha!

  • Knock, KnockWho’s there?Cash.Cash who?I didn’t realize y’all were such nuts, Brittany!I love reading the blog – it’s such a great way to keep up even though we’re so far away. I feel like I’m still apart of your daily life! LOVE YOU!– Rebecca

  • I dont have a knock knock joke but I do have a your momma joke….your momma so fat she left in high heels and came back in flip flops!-kt and ryan

  • This is from GusKnock KnockWho’s there?Chuck NorrisChuck Norris wh?BAM!!!!! Killed by a Chuck Norris roundhouse kick…

  • Britney,i do love to read your blog. you are a fantastic story teller!Knock Knock! Who’s there? C’s C’s who? C’s the day! Your mom’s friend Tracey

  • Brittany, I came up with this one all by myself. Not bad for a 110 year old granny. Wouldn’t you say?Knock, KnockWho’s there?WannaWanna who?Wanna yo momma?

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