Long overdue for a post

It was brought to my attention today through a conversation with my BFF that I haven’t updated my blog in a while. Then we determined that neither one of us can complain about each other’s blogs because neither one of us update often now that school has started back. I’m sent on a guilt trip every time I open my fridge…I see a turnip, bell pepper, and heirloom tomato staring at me because they are waiting in line for their portrait session with the VK family. I just haven’t had the time. Really, Brittany, you haven’t had the time to take a few pictures? It’s true. I LOVE my new job…LOVE LOVE LOVE it! But it sucks all the energy out of me. I’m out of bed by 5:15 in the morning, back home in time to cook dinner, clean up, make lunches for tomorrow, then it’s off to bed to do it all again. I’m exhausted at the end of the day. And I know that with the state my body is in right now, sleeping is far more important than a few pictures with food. But I will get to them, hopefully before this turnip turns black (or whatever color they turn when they are rotten) and mushy. Brent really wants to throw it away, but I won’t let him. I’m determined to get a picture with that thing, no matter how nasty it looks. Updates: I feel the baby move everyday. I have felt what I think is a kick…my mom thinks it’s a little early. But it’s definitely been a poke of some sort. I find out on Monday (24th) if it’s a blue baby or a pink baby. I use those terms because I always prayed for a blue baby when I was a little girl and I got a brother when I was 6…who, by the way, started college today! Woo Hoo! We (Brent and I, not my brother and I) have names picked…a girl name for sure and a few boy names we are undecided on. I’ll let you know after Monday. Sorry for the lack of updates. Be looking for one on Monday!

2 thoughts on “Long overdue for a post

  • Ok, I read the first sentence and though, “Allison is one to talk! She hasn't updated her blog in awhile either!”

    I looked on Etsy at sooo much cute baby stuff the other night. But, I restrained myself until Monday and its known whether y'all are having a “blue baby” or “pink baby”!

    I'm sooo glad you LOVE your job! I'll give you a call soon. I really can't wait to hear all about it!

  • PS-
    Probably not the place to ask this question, because it has nothing to do with this post….not because it's inappropriate….

    but-have you read/are you reading “Crazy Love” by Francis Chan? For some reason, I seem to think you have/are. How is it? I've heard a lot about it and am thinking of reading it.

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