Lily is 18 Months!

That’s right! She’s already 18 months, which means we will be celebrating her second birthday in just 6 months. Oh my! What will the theme be this year….?
My little VK, just a few weeks old 

Lily was 6 lbs 11 oz and 19 inches long when she was born. Today at the doctor she was 22 lbs 11 oz, 31 1/4 inches, and her head circumference was 47 cm. She’s 25th percentile for weight, 50th percentile for height, and 75th percentile for head circumference, which is right where she was at her 15 month appt. Dr. B. said that other than her ears she is a healthy girl 🙂 Thankful!

Our day started at 7:45 with oatmeal and bananas. Lily helped me dust a few rooms in the house. By helping I mean she got about 15 wipes from her bedroom and wiped them all over the floor. No need to mop! Then we met Daddy at Dr. B’s office for her appointment. We went by Gigi’s Cupcakes on the way home to get some goodies for our mini birthday celebration. When we got home, I made some pink homemade playdough that Lily shared with the dog. I cleaned up throw up three times before I could get the dog outside. I have no idea how many more times she got sick outside. Lily ate lunch and watched YouTube videos of Aubie. She loves all things Auburn and is always looking for an “aubie” object. After lunch, Lily took a nap. She woke up around 3 and ate a ton of grapes for snack. She shared them with her stuffed Aubie, saying “Aubie eat”. He hasn’t left her side all afternoon. Grapes have become a competitor with bananas as Lily’s favorite snack. She ate close to 40 grapes, no lie. Daddy came home soon after that and played with Lily until dinner time. We ate Lily’s favorite meal, spaghetti, and the yummy cupcakes for dessert! 
Here are some pics from our mini celebration: 

Playing with fresh pink playdough…
while Mommy cleaned this up several times. Can you spot the playdough?
 Watching Aubie highlights on YouTube. I’ve GOT to paint my kitchen. Yuck!
Feeding Aubie some of your milk


 After you took your picture in the chair you wanted your baby doll to have a turn. 
 Making Minnie/Mickey ears with Daddy!
 Minnie Mouse
Mickey Mouse
 The good stuff 🙂
Birthday Surprise for you, Key Lime Pie for Daddy, and Midnight Chocolate for Mommy (of course).  
First attempt at the mound of icing 
 Upset that it fell over. Everything is the end of the world these days. 

The icing fell off and you weren’t too interested in the cake. 
 All done! 
Things were a little messier the first time you ate cake. 
 Mommy and sweet Lily girl
 Daddy and sweet Lily girl
 Making Daddy eat the icing
The leftovers
I thank God for 18 healthy and joyful months. Before I know it, I’ll be thanking Him for 18 YEARS! Time is flying! We love you sweet girl 🙂

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