A redneck day with friends

Britt and Katie came to visit today. They are some dear friends of ours from Huntsville and we miss them A LOT! We are so very thankful for our time of fellowship today! We let Lily show them her favorite park, played in the creek like rednecks, and ate dinner at Flip Burger/Pink Berry (for dessert) while Lily played with Uncle Ryan at home. The day went by too fast! 

Love love love her! And so thankful for her friendship!


Looks like she just one the gold medal at the Olympics

We rolled up our jeans and played in the cold creek!

Never have I met a couple so in love with the Lord! They truly desire to follow Christ and obey His commands. 

Shorts off, playing in the water. She didn’t like it, so she got out and put her shorts/shoes back on. 

Then she decided to get back in, so we left the shorts and shoes (Keens) on this time. Her shorts got soaked…a little bit of creek and a little bit of pee :). She learned today that it’s okay to pee in creek water because it’s already dirty. Britt also taught her how to skip rocks. 
Now we are going to play the game of “Guess That Butt” 
And one more thing to crack you up (at least it cracks me up). Looks like I tucked in my shirt. 1990’s mom. Just need a fanny pack. What a dweeb!
We plan to visit the creek many more times this summer! 

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