***Written by suggestion and with permission of Brent

I have officially diagnosed my husband with TRD (commonly referred to as “terd”): Tupperware Replacement Disorder. Seven…the number of times I have had to buy tupperware, gladware, ziplock containers, whatever you want to call it in the past two years. And, I don’t mean I’ve had to replace a few items. Brent has totally wiped out our inventory of tupperware…6 times and counting. Brent can NOT keep up with it. Here’s how the latest tupperware episode went:

Wednesday, August 19th–I give Brent leftover something or other for lunch

Monday, August 24th–Brent decides to finally remove it (the dirty, unrinsed tupperware) from work and bring it home
Thursday, August 27th–MORE THAN A WEEK LATER I sit down in the passenger seat in the Camry and my feet turn over a tupperware container. Juice spills out on my feet. You can imagine how that smelled as it saturated the carpet. Another container thrown away, and coincidentally the last container of the 6th set of containers we have purchased during our marriage.
Tonight–Guess what’s on my grocery list? You guessed it…tupperware. However, I’ve learned my lesson. Instead of buying the good stuff that holds up in the heat of the dishwasher, I bought Food Club brand because I know that in about 2 months, I will be OUT of containers for leftovers and will have to replace them.
In the event that we are out of tupperware, or our ONE container is not clean, Brent often suggests that I give him a bowl…the real kind…and cover it with plastic wrap. Really? I’m not giving anyone with TRD 7 times over a real bowl.

4 thoughts on “TRD

  • Of the 828 days Brittany and I have been married, I have only lost tupperware on approximately 30 of those days. That's only 3.6% of the time we've been married, so that's pretty good. Right?

  • Hey brent don't sweet it.. I can relate dude! I think I have TRD as well! Here's a tip… buy some plastic wrap or ziplock bags and take some sandwiches! 😛 or take the money your investing in Tupperware and get some takeout 😛

    LOL this was great thanks for the story Brittany!

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