Lily’s Fourth Month

I am reminded daily what a blessing you are and I am trying to soak up every minute of your precious life. I’m convinced that you are loved more than any other baby girl in this world. Four months ago we met for the first time and I still find it unbelievable that you are mine. What a joy that is! My prayer is that your daddy and I would raise you in a home where the Lord always feels welcome and His presence is always felt. I want you to fall in love with the Lord. I hope that my life is an example to you of a life radically changed by the blood of Christ.

Firsts: Easter; golf tournament; Freedom Weekend (D-Now at church); real laughs always followed by a case of the hiccups; game of Scattergories with the crazy Wrights; girly lunch at P.F. Chang’s with Mommy, Nana No Name, Mom, and Granny Rosie; brunch at Another Broken Egg with Aunt Krissy Poo and Aunt Jessica during which you exploded in your diaper all over a beautiful dress and your car seat; trip to Hamburger Heaven; stay in the nursery at Hunter Street BC; NO snow (wow, can you believe this is your first month where you have NOT seen snow?)

News Headlines: Now that Mommy is back at work, she hardly watches the news, so she can’t think of much news other than…Duke beat Butler in NCAA finals.

Favorite Toy: Winnie the Pooh is your best friend (he’s on your bouncy seat); your floor gym, although lately you are getting frustrated with it because you can’t quite get the toys in your mouth yet

Mommy and Daddy’s Favorite: Going in your room in the morning to see you just a smilin’ and talking up a storm or staring at your name on the wall above your crib. You always wake up in a good mood!

Milestones: You have rolled over from your back to your tummy twice, but you don’t seem interested anymore; tummy time is getting MUCH better; you can grab and hold toys without help and bring them to your mouth; you can sit up on your own, though it doesn’t last long; you are now eating 5 bottles a day (28 oz total); you are slowly finding a routine–you always take your first and last bottle at the same time everyday regardless of how your feedings have gone during the day.

Weight/Height: I have NO clue! We go to the doctor the first week in May.

Like Mommy: Nothing this month 😦

Like Daddy: More and more people are saying that you look like Daddy. Daddy and I still don’t see it.

Best Memory: There are so many! Last Saturday you woke up in a good mood as always. Daddy and I weren’t ready to get out of the bed and since you were happy, we just let you play in your crib. You sang and squealed at the top of your lungs for 10 minutes and we loved listening to you on the monitor.

Biggest Challenge: You went through a growth spurt halfway through the month. Four ounces of formula was just not enough anymore and you would fuss and fuss between feedings. Unfortunately, it took Mommy a few days to realize what was going on.

How We Spend the Day: Mommy and Daddy go to work and you spend each week with someone different. The first week this month you were with Grandma Reese, the second week you were with Aunt Allison and H, the third week Daddy worked from home for a week, then you stayed at Mommy’s friend Erin’s house for a week with 2 other toddler boys, and Nana No Name was with you the last week. Mommy and Daddy really enjoy the weekends now that we are both back at work. We love spending all day Saturday and Sunday with you.

Funniest Moment: Every time you laugh you get a bad case of the hiccups. Then, you try to continue laughing with hiccups. Silly girl 🙂

How We Celebrated: Daddy was out of town in Virgina Beach for work. Nana No Name and Mommy took you to Lawler’s to get some yummy BBQ. An older couple in the restaurant couldn’t stop complimenting you and your “cuteness”.

Here are our favorite pics from your 4th month:

Sitting in Grandma Reese’s lap reaching for your toes. You are determined to get them in your mouth!

You and T-Bone

You with Aunt Jessica (left) and Aunt Kristen (right)–they aren’t really your aunts, but they are two of Mommy’s best friends. She has known Jessica since Kindergarten and Kristen since 5th grade. They were both bridesmaids in Mommy and Daddy’s wedding.

In a pretty blue smocked dress that you absolutely ruined at Another Broken Egg. The dress was covered in poop and Mommy had to just throw it away.

The Easter Bunny came to visit you!

Asleep in Mommy’s lap at Grandma Reese and Grandaddy’s house Easter weekend.

It’s tradition for Grandma Reese to make a bunny cake for Easter. You weren’t too thrilled about it. Maybe you were just mad because you knew you couldn’t have any.

You with Grandaddy on Easter (Daddy’s dad)

The whole VK clan on Easter (from left: Grandma Reese, Aunt Katie, Uncle Ryan, Mommy and you, Daddy, Grandaddy)

You and your best friend, Pooh.

You were so excited about going to church for Easter…ha!

Ok, this one is Mommy’s absolute favorite. You are laying next to Minnie Mouse dressed as the Easter Bunny. Your Aunt Katie got it for you in Disney World. When I upload the picture it is turned the right way, but when it appears on the blog it looks like this. I’ve re-uploaded it 3 times and I’m frustrated, so I quit trying to make it right.

You love to listen to and watch your Uncle Ben play his guitar. So does Uncle Jesse!

You and Daddy at Mommy’s school.

The week that Daddy kept you he brought you to visit me at my school!

You with your Uncle Ben and Uncle Ryan. This was after Uncle Ryan’s baseball game. You can’t tell in the picture, but your bib says, “I love my uncle.”

You with McKenna dressed as a “Peace Ninja” for Freedom Weekend.

You and your “Athens Grandma”. Mommy works and goes to church with Regina. Someone at church mistakenly thought she was your grandmother. Although she does not look old enough to be a grandmother, she certainly loves you like one!

Mommy, Daddy, and you at Uncle Ryan’s baseball game
You with you Aunt Allison. She isn’t really your aunt, but she is Mommy’s BFF. She and Mommy met the first day of classes in Mr. Blaufarb’s history class their freshman year at Auburn. They sat next to each other and Allison and Mommy have been best friends ever since. They lived together for 3 years in Auburn and she was Mommy’s maid of honor. She is a kindergarten teacher and gave up her spring break to come keep you. What a WONDERFUL aunt you have 🙂
You with your Aunt Becky. Again, she is not your aunt. She is married to Mommy’s cousin and it’s just easier to call her your aunt.

You and Granny Rosie at her house for Easter lunch.

Playing with T Bone and Uncle Q (He’s not your uncle. He is Mommy’s cousin, the one married to Aunt Becky in the other picture. ) But, it’s just easier to say “Uncle Q” than “Second Cousin Q”–ha! You with the crazy Wright’s. I’m sorry you have to grow up in our family. All of us are stubborn, strong-willed people and all of us are always “wright”. It’s chaotic but you will have more fun with them than you can imagine.

3 thoughts on “Lily’s Fourth Month

  • I agree with what TurfScott said. I feel so blessed to have a g.daughter like you and Lily is so blessed to have a mother like you and a daddy like Brent. Our whole family is blessed to have each other, even if we are all a little nutty. God has been so good to me!

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