Lily’s Twelfth Month

Yep…you read it right. An entire year has passed since our sweet Lily was welcomed into the world. It’s not only unbelievable, it’s incomprehensible. The thought that you have been ours for 365 days is not something that I can wrap my head around just yet. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to wrap my brain around any age you will ever be. You’ll always be my baby girl.
You’ll grow up, get your ears pierced, have slumber parties with friends, drive a car, get a broken heart, go to the movies without me, get your first job, talk back to me, argue with me, think my rules are ridiculous, stomp up the stairs to your bedroom and slam your door, become more and more independent, graduate high school and college, walk down the aisle in white, have babies and move away…

but in my mind there is an image of you I will never forget. 
And the way that I felt that day, the moment I met you,  is the way I will feel forever. 

What an incredible joy and absolute honor to be your mother (and I’m SURE that if your dad ever wrote blog posts, he would say the same). This year has been challenging, painful, emotional, tiresome, stressful, scary, and nerve-wracking. This year has been full of spit up (lots of it), throw up, pee, snot, poop of all textures, butt paste, baths, lotion, finger nail clipping, bibs, snot suckers, antibiotics, shots, etc.

This year has been hilarious, joyful, full of love, full of happy tears, and covered in an abundance of blessings. I never imagined my life could get any better but it does every time I see your wide, toothless grin and hear the patter of your hands on the floor as you chase after me. Besides Jesus and your Daddy, you are the BEST thing that ever happened to me. There is only one thing I would change about this year…I want to do this one more time.

But one more time would never be enough.

Firsts: Graduation ceremony, Christmas/White Christmas, Galaxy of Lights, cup of whole milk, pink eye

News Headlines: Auburn wins SEC championship and goes to BCS title game, Cam Newton wins Heisman

Favorite Toy: Jasper–a monkey from Build a Bear that Daddy bought Mommy when they were newly dating.  You love him because he is your size. Anytime you are fussy or we need to divert your attention, he’s our go-to-guy. You get so excited every time you see him!

Mommy and Daddy’s Favorite: Making you laugh. We have found your tickle spots! Under your chin and the back of your legs. And I think you actually like to be tickled. Anytime you lie on your back, we come tickle you under your chin and you just cackle! You like to be chased and we know when you are ready for a game of chase because you crawl into the kitchen or down the hall, then stop and turn around to see if we are following you. Daddy chases you, tickling the back of your legs while you try to stay ahead of him. You squeal and think it’s the funniest thing that ever happened.

Milestones: No more bottles for you! Only sippy cups. You are still not walking or standing independently and I’ve decided you aren’t ever getting anymore teeth 🙂 You are more comfortable walking around while holding on to sturdy objects. I think you would be able to stand alone, you just don’t know it yet. You are in a size 3 diaper and 12 month clothes.

Weight/Length: 19lbs, 10 oz; 28.5 inches, head circumference 46 cm. You are tiny, long, and have a big head 🙂

Like Mommy: Your daddy says moodiness…but I disagree 🙂

Like Daddy: You like to have your wrists and palms rubbed. You even move your hand around to hit the right spot.

Best Memory: You were at the point where you never wanted to be rocked before you went to sleep…you’d rather just lay down and go to sleep on your own. But sometimes, you’ll be still enough for us to rock you before we lay you down for the night. Rocking you always creates memories. Another memory has to be our first Christmas morning as a family, even though it was on December 23rd.

Biggest Challenge: I think it’s the same as last month’s challenge…bath time. Something about water in your face makes you absolutely have a fit. And no amount of toys can make it better.

How We Spend the Day: Thankfully, this month has provided many opportunities for me to stay at home with you so some of our days have been a little out of the ordinary. You eat 3 times a day with a snack between lunch and dinner. You are still taking 2 naps a day, usually from 9:30-11ish and again from 2:30-5ish. Then, you are in bed around 8. If we are at home for the day, you love to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse at 7:30. You hold on the the entertainment center and dance and of course you smile big every time you see Minnie. One of our days was spent helping Beth (a teacher at Mommy’s school) get the nursery ready for her first baby Samuel. The 2 days leading up to Christmas were spent hanging out with Mommy and Daddy. We had pajama days a lot…because there’s no reason to get out of your pj’s if you aren’t going anywhere! You went with Daddy to his Christmas party at work.

Funniest Moment: You growled at another baby in the nursery at church when he/she tried to take “your” toy.

New Explorations: Crawling through places that are too tight, letting Sanibel out of her crate in the morning, opening and closing anything that will open and close, throwing your cup on the floor when you are done with your milk, reaching out and making a grunting sound when you want something.

Food: You are pretty much eating anything we put on your tray. You still eat 3rd foods for meals at daycare because it’s just easier that way. You also normally eat 2nd foods mixed with cereal for breakfast in the morning. Your FAVORITE food in the entire world is bananas. Oh my do you love a banana and you would probably eat the whole thing if we let you, but you usually have to share with Mommy because she loves them too. You also love cheese. Surprisingly, you like tortilla soup from Cheddar’s too! I’m hoping to teach you healthy eating habits…and sneak in a little chocolate when necessary 🙂

Words: Your most frequent word, and by frequent I mean ALL the time, is “uh-oh”. You say it with a worried face and put the emphasis on the wrong syllable so that it sounds like a question. You say it at the right times, mainly when you drop something. And you purposely drop things so that you have more opportunities to say
it. One time you even said it when you tooted….HILARIOUS! You also say bye bye, dada, mama, and something that sounds like baby.

How We Celebrated: Mommy and Daddy took you to Cracker Barrel for a birthday breakfast. We had your first birthday party at Granny Rosie’s house with family and friends. We celebrated Minnie Mouse style since she is your favorite 🙂 Birthday post will be up soon.

Eating your favorite Christmas book. You love the scratch the prickly tree. 

Helping Mommy and Daddy pick out a Christmas tree. 

Family pic with the tree we chose

Look at your little belly 🙂

Getting cracked up because Sanibel is having a fit about being in her crate. 

Reading the Christmas cards

This is as close as you would get to our tree. You weren’t afraid of it, just didn’t care to get any closer. 

You chewed a hole through the AU seal on Kristen H’s graduation announcement. 

Watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Playing tug o’ war with Sanibel. She thinks Jasper (the stuffed monkey) is hers. 

Silly faces with Mommy and Daddy

Opening your first Christmas present a little early. This gift is from one of Mommy’s students at school. 

It’s a tea party book!

With your Aunt Katie after her graduation from UAB

Oh boy…you have Sanibel’s toy and Sanibel has your sock

Talking to Jasper about something serious

Getting sleepy drinking from your cup!

A favorite game of yours…flying on Daddy’s leg 🙂 

Reading on Christmas day

You in your pretty Christmas dress

5 thoughts on “Lily’s Twelfth Month

  • Happy Birthday Lily!!!!

    I can't believe she's a year old (I know you really can't)! It gets me all sentimental about Eli being just four months old, haha. : )

    By the way….your 12 mth old baby is only a wee bit bigger than my 4 mth old baby! Eli wears size 2 diapers and is only a few pounds less than Lily!

  • I espcially loved this post! You captured those one year feelings so well. This is one year that could last a little longer. I hope it was a great day for you all.

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