I have a love/hate relationship with Lily’s bedtime. I know that she needs to go to bed and I need some quiet down time (so I love it), but Brent and I always miss her when she is in bed (so we hate it). Once she is  in bed, Brent and I always enjoy a cup of coffee while we watch TV and both of us catch up on emails, blogs, facebook, twitter, etc. I am usually devoted to my blog, being sure to blog frequently and checking my blog roll daily. That is until pinterest came along. If you don’t have a clue what I am talking about and can’t even figure out how to say the word, click the link and you’ll quickly be addicted (that’s if you are female, I don’t know many males that will care for it). 

I’m in love and I confess I’ve been cheating on my blog with pinterest. While I used to spend time catching up on my blogs, I’m now just pinning the heck out of good ideas. I have completely abandoned blogging and I’m SO sorry! I will just have to find more time in my day (yeah right) to balance both, which I will because I love blogging and reading blogs. 
I have found wonderful ideas for birthday parties, DIY, gifts, home decor, dream home, homeschooling/family activities, teaching, etc. I wouldn’t trade being at home for the anything else, but pinterest has made me realize just how much I miss teaching. There are hundreds of fantastic ideas for teachers! I can’t wait to volunteer at my former school so I can use these ideas 🙂 
When I’m not pinning, I’m busy with 3 kids under 3 during the day! No, I didn’t magically have 2 more kids. I’m keeping 2 boys for a friend while their regular caregiver is recovering from surgery. Lily is having too much fun playing with a bunch of boy toys! She plays with lightsabers, cars, 4-wheelers, guitars, drums, army men, etc. Today, she and the oldest boy were pretending to pack for the beach, so they had a bunch of clothes out in the living room. She was playing dress up in boy clothes…thankful that she still enjoys being girly, even if the dress up clothes aren’t! Haha 🙂 It’s been so much fun to watch her play and interact with others around her age. I rarely get to see her do that. She’s growing up WAY too fast! 
Be on the lookout next week for a Lily Lately! Happy Tuesday! 

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