Things I Miss…

This is a post I’ve been meaning to write for a long time, mainly so I will remember these things. They are in a completely random order and I’m SURE there are things I have forgotten.

Things I Miss about Huntsville/Madison/Athens:
1.  Athens square, particularly Pimento’s and LuVici’s.
2.  Our proximity to Franklin and Nashville
3.  RocketCityMom
4.  Kroger
5.  Madison City Parks and the greenway
6.  Lindsay Lane Baptist Church and all it’s staff/members.
7.  Lindsay Lane Christian Academy and all it’s staff/students.
8.  Dr. B and Cornerstone Pediatrics
10.  Huntsville Hospital, not that we had to go that often but when we did we were extremely pleased and well taken care of by the entire staff.
11. The new Madison hospital, new Target, and new Walmart–I will never use them, but I’m sure I would have missed them greatly since all three are 5 minutes from our house.
12.  Cheddar’s, Sweet CiCi’s, Bruegger’s, Cafe 153
13.  Valley Christmas Tree Farm
14.  The scenic drive on 72 headed to Mentone to visit my grandparents
15.  Our house, of course. I can’t say much more about that or I’ll start to tear up.
16. Rosie’s Mexican Cantina…the restaurant that made me believe I could eat Mexican again
17. Playing with Lily in our house/backyard. (I plan to have a sappy little post about this).
18.  The cheesiest morning news show in history (WAAY-TV) and making fun of Gary Dobbs outdated wardrobe.
19. Country Clinic (Sanibel’s vet)
20. Madison City Library
21. Kountry Kids consignment in East Limestone

Things I Don’t Miss about Huntsville/Madison/Athens:
1.  Our neighbors who are the opposite of neighbors…all of them. Not kidding.
2.  The pit bull devils next door.
3.  The smell of a dead skunk every time I drive down Nick Davis.
4.  Seeing a Dollar General on every corner.
5.  Asian Cuisine…YUCK!
6.  Traffic. I know this sounds silly since I’m now in a bigger city. Traffic is awful in Bham, I’m no idiot. It just seems there are more options in Bham to get places without getting on interstates and highways. Even the back roads in Madison get backed up and it is ridiculous.
7. Riding out tornadoes in our hallway. It was always scary, but I’ve never been more scared in my life than on April 27. A basement or storm shelter is a must have in my next house!

Things I Look Forward To in Birmingham:
1.  Doodles (the best shaved ice and sorbets in the entire world)
2.  Proximity to family
3.  Saturday Burger Night at Granny Rosie’s
4.  Christ City Church
5.  Tip Top Grill (where I like to pretend Brent proposed to me because it would have been more romantic than his parent’s basement)
6.  O’Carrs
7.  No more packing to get to Bham for the weekend and no more late Sunday nights returning from a weekend in Bham
8.  Being back in my hometown
9. James Spann as my weatherman. I can’t trust anyone else.
10. Milo’s (that would be Brent, not me). I don’t care what the jingle says, everybody does NOT go to Milo’s!
11. Summit, Galleria, Brookwood Mall
12. Being here for random/impromptu family events

I miss North Alabama a whole stinkin’ lot! Prior to moving there, I had visited twice so I knew very little about it. As a matter of fact, I had never heard of Athens or Madison. Huntsville and the surrounding area is the place that Brent and I discovered together and welcomed Lily into together. It is a special place with sacred memories that only the three of us can share.

I miss it, not because I just absolutely loved being there, but because fond memories were made there and I will miss making the memories. BUT, new memories are being made right here at home 🙂

Ok, I’ll stop being sappy. I’ll save that for another post!

One thought on “Things I Miss…

  • I miss Kountry Kids too! I used to stop on my way home from work, and got tons of good things. Sometimes I miss living in new places, but there's nothing like being close to family.

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