Beach Trip 2012

Better late than never! Here are some pics from our family beach vacation at the beginning of August. 
What Lily did while I was packing

Our pool had a water fountain and she used her foot to play hide and seek with it 

Brent will kill me for posting this pic, but I just have to! We bought Lily a really small pair of goggles. Brent thought he would try them on and act goofy.   

Lily was reading the Bible to the boys, so I thought I would get a candid shot. Instead, Brent and Ben made it obviously not candid with their annoying stares and Lily looked right at the camera. Whatever. 


We had the top floor of this duplex and boy was it nice! 

Waiting for the ferry to Dauphin Island

On the way back to Fort Morgan

Goodness gracious, is she looking older or what?

Sleepy eyes on Daddy’s shoulder

Pretty girl at dinner. She thoroughly enjoyed entertaining everyone with her dancing skills while we waited for our table!

After dinner, the three of us went on our annual ferris wheel ride. Then, Lily spotted the trampoline. We were unsure at first. Didn’t even think she’d let the guy put the harness on her. Boy were we wrong! Best $7 ever spent! 

On the trampoline for the first time

Beginning to jump
And she flipped (with help of course)! 

Just chillin’ under the umbrella with her koozie

Sippin’ on some Sprite like a big girl

And the goggles…

This is the face she gave us when we said, “Lily, close your mouth and hold your breath.” Even though she had goggles on, she still closed her eyes :).

She requested a pic with her new bear “CeCe” that she made with Grandma and Grandaddy at Build a Bear just before we left for vacation

Sweet pic of my two favorite people reading the Bible…we did this A LOT that week by request of Lily :). 

Our pool that we shared with the rest of the duplex. It was a zero entry pool and wrapped around the building to a waterfall. It was the PERFECT pool for kids! 

Our uncrowded view all week 🙂 
Don’t ask…I’m not sure. (pic courtesy of my dad)

Lily and Granny Rosie (pic courtesy of my dad)

The whole gang: us, my parents, Granny Rosie, my brother Ben, and his friend Clay (pic courtesy of my dad)
We look forward to this trip every year and we are very thankful to Granny Rosie and my parents who make the vacation possible!  

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