Our 11 step bedtime routine

A post for my own memory…but hopefully you’ll enjoy too!

Every time we lay Lily down for bed we have this rrreeeaaallllyyyy long routine. 
It’s long because we allow it to be, I guess. But I’d much rather put a happy Lily to bed than a mad Lily. 
Here’s a typical bedtime routine:
  1. Read the Bible (first she has to read, then Brent reads)
  2. Brush teeth (first we brush, then she brushes)
  3. Pull-up and t-shirt on (bye bye cute Carter’s pjs, hello oversized tshirts)
  4. Play ONE, just ONE, round of hide and seek
  5. Brent and I lay down with her 
  6. All three of us take turns praying in to her plastic microphone (and don’t you dare call it a “mic”)
  7. We always have to thank God for our “prinans”. A word that she has totally made up and the meaning changes daily–tonight it was “something that makes you healthy when you exercise”
  8. We all sing “Jesus Loves Me” in unison. Lily gets the microphone, Brent and I have to cover our mouths with our hand and pretend to have the mic. Oops…I mean microphone. Don’t tell Lily. 
  9. I kiss her goodnight and leave the room. But I don’t just leave by simply walking out of the room. She instructs me how to leave. I’ll get back to that in a minute.
  10. Brent stays a few minutes longer to rub her back then he comes down the hall pretending to be anything but himself. 
  11. On most nights, she reads herself to sleep.
Back to her instructing us how to leave. She’s got a little bit of a creative kick in her bones and her imagination is out of this world. When we leave her room, she comes up with a variety of ways for us to exit. 
Thus, this post. I want to make a note of some of the normal and not-so-normal ways she asks us to leave her room. Here’s my list so far:
“I want you to leave like a _________ “
cracked egg
bug/spider (to which she says “kill” every so often and we freeze) 
I’m sure there’s more. It’s HILARIOUS to me to hear Brent when he leaves her room every night. It’s impossible to make a prediction as to what she will pick.
The best part…we can’t just do these things until we get just outside her room. We have to do them ALL THE WAY TO THE KITCHEN. Let me translate that for you. We have to get louder and louder as we go down the hall and into the kitchen so that she can still hear us over the fan in her room. And, yes, we’ve had to start over many nights because she couldn’t hear us. 
Oh, to be a fly on the wall in our home at bedtime. We’re getting pretty creative. I think we need an award. 

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