Thank you Hollywood and my farewell to The Office

There are only a handful of TV shows I’ve watched consistently. I tend to not be interested in anything but a light comedy or very very light drama. I don’t like story lines that are complicated nor do I like shows that are unrealistic. I like to keep it simple. Give me a good comedy with maybe a few story lines to follow throughout the show, and I’m all there. You won’t find me glued to CSI, Walking Dead, Law and Order (although I did enjoy an episode or two of Night Court as a kid), or anything similar.

You will also never ever EVER find me watching anything on Lifetime or Hallmark. The acting is terrible. Just not into it.

What you will find me hooked on are the realistic shows like Full House, 7th Heaven, and Gilmore Girls. I say realistic because I can picture myself in each show. I cannot, however, picture myself as a zombie or a man that has 24 hours to save the world. I recorded the last episode of Full House on VHS so that the memory would be captured forever. I cried when Michelle fell off the horse and was THRILLED when Steve showed up to take DJ to prom.

I also loved Friends. That show and Gilmore Girls ended while I was in college. I never let anything educational get in my way of watching them weekly. The nights that the series finales aired were a big, big deal.

Thankfully, another show began while I was in college to take their place. The Office. I remember where I was and who I was with for the pilot episode. Brent was with me, of course. We were eating dinner at some of our friends’ trailer. If I remember correctly, no one really knew what the show was or what it was about. But, someone knew the pilot was airing that night so we watched it.

My life was changed for the better, forever. Seriously. And for the next 9 years, I faithfully watched the show every Thursday night (unless something interfered–which was oh so irritating–but I always found a way to watch it later; haven’t missed an episode). Brent and I have completely different taste in TV shows, but comedy is a common ground for us. The Office became our “thing” on Thursday nights. We always attempted to watch it together and if that couldn’t happen we would watch it separately and discuss later. We’ve been together for almost 12 years, so to say goodbye to The Office is like saying goodbye to a favorite part of our relationship. There will be a void. I hope we survive. Thank God for reruns on Netflix.

At first the show was just plain silliness and sarsasm. Comedy that not everyone will think is LOL funny like I do. Kinda like a modern-day Seinfeld. But the Jim/Pam relationship started taking off and the show became my favorite combination. Sarcastic, dry comedy and a completely relatable TV relationship.

Can I just say how much I love Jim and Pam? Seriously, is there any better TV couple? I don’t think so…and don’t argue with me.

Brent said it first, but the reason I think I love them so much is because I can see so much of us in them. In real life, we aren’t Jim and Pam but by golly we would be best BEST friends with them.

And then there’s the looks Jim gives the camera crew all the time. Perfection. Love them so much that I find myself giving the same looks to a fake camera crew (usually Brent) when we are in an awkward, secretly hilarious, or unbelievable situation.

I do. I pretend to be Jim and I give Brent facial expressions like he is the camera crew on The Office.

I know a lot of girls have “man crushes”. I have a “couple crush” on Jim and Pam.
Man, I sound obsessive.

This last season, though, has made me an emotional basketcase not knowing for most of the season if they were going to make it. And, no, the emotional roller coaster I’ve been on with Jim and Pam has nothing to do with me being preggers.

It was obvious early on in this season that they were having issues. A lot of things led me to believe they weren’t going to make it. I’ve been a nervous wreck. I just knew their relationship would end because Hollywood is responsible for the story line. I lost all hope in their reconciliation. Especially when they stopped communicating effectively and then Pam seemed to have a thing for the camera crew guy.

The show became so real this season. Many marriages get stuck in a hard place like theirs did. Jim begins a new job that requires a lot of his time, Pam nearly becomes a single mom since Jim travels so much, Jim gets so enamored by his work that it takes place of his family without him really noticing, Pam notices and begins to resent Jim, their communication falls apart, another man offers comfort and Pam accepts because it seems her husband won’t listen, and all of this causes their marriage to suffer. Turns out that Pam never really wanted Jim in Philly anyway.

The end of a marriage doesn’t start with a spouse randomly deciding one day to have an affair and leave. It starts when communication and honesty breaks down and it just snowballs from there.

I am so thankful that the producers showed America a suffering marriage that did not end in divorce. I was worried there for a very long time that Jim and Pam were over and I really truly hated it.

But that recent episode where we all finally got a glimpse of hope that everything would be fine had me in sobbing tears. The producers allowed Jim and Pam to go back to the beginning of their marriage. To their vows. And not just any vows. Scripture.

Love suffers long.

Isn’t that what we should all do as spouses? Bring to mind what you promised to God and each other on your wedding day? Always–but especially through the tough stuff.

I’m also thankful that the producers decided to give Jim a chance at a bigger opportunity with AthLead and he chooses Pam and his kids over his career.

So, Hollywood, I’m here to thank you.

Thank you, first of all, for producing one kick butt hilarious show.
Thank you for creating a very real-life couple that I feel like I know personally.
Thank you for showing that marriage should be valued.
Thank you for showing that marriage is worth fighting for.
Thank you for showing that marriage is HARD and communication and honesty is vital.
Thank you for showing that marriages begin to crumble for lack of communication and honesty.
Thank you for showing a marriage that went through a fiery trial.
Thank you for showing a husband and wife who, instead of giving up and going for the big D, survived and restored their marriage.
Thank you for showing a husband that joyfully chose his family over his career and reputation.
Thank you for showing that divorce is not an inevitable result of a marriage gone bad.

I must say I didn’t expect this from you, Hollywood. It’s definitely a nice and welcome surprise.

Jim and Pam, I love you. Goodbye.

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