Scott’s 4th Month

Firsts: pumpkin patch, baby dedication, block party for the community where our new church is, sitting in the Bumbo

News Headlines: Auburn beats Texas A&M

Favorite Toy/Activity: exersaucer, tummy time toys

Mommy’s Favorite: your slight dimple on your right cheek, your half smile and the way your nose wrinkles when you smile (you pretty much smile all the time)

Daddy’s Favorite: Your “leg butts”…yes, exactly as I said…leg butts. The rolls on your legs that look like butts.

Lily’s Favorite: She thinks you are so sweet. Before you were born, she used to give Mommy and Daddy big hugs first thing in the morning. You have taken our place. You are the first person she looks for when she wakes up. If she can’t find you she asks where you are.  

Milestones: You can roll from your stomach to back and you are SO close to rolling over from your back to stomach, you can hold your head at a 90 degree angle during tummy time, you are playing with your hands and grasping toys to play with and bring to your mouth

Weight/Length: 17 lbs 5 oz, 26 inches long, which puts you in the 90% for both

Like Mommy: You look more like me than your daddy (at least I think so). You definitely look like your Uncle Ben when he was a baby.

Like Daddy: You don’t get upset/angry easily

Like Big Sister: You wake up happy and talking. Lily did the same thing at your age and still does.

Best Memory: Your high-pitched velociraptor squeals that can be heard all over the house. I’m not sure what you are trying to communicate with your squealing, but you are certainly happy and I think you just like to hear yourself.

Biggest Challenge: Trying to get you on a naptime routine. I think I have you figured out–cat naps in between bottles in the morning and a really long afternoon nap. But I’m sure that will change since you are constantly switching things up on me. I’m still putting you down for your long nap in your bed, but you prefer the swing or bouncy seat. You fall asleep just fine, but you can’t seem to sleep in your bed for naps longer than 45 minutes. It’s weird because at night you sleep 8-10 hours in your bed without waking up.

How We Spend the Day: You are at school two days a week, at home with Mommy and Lily two days a week, and at home with just Mommy one day a week. Your day starts anywhere between 6:30 and 7. You are eating five 6 oz bottles a day and you usually go 3-4 hours in between the first 3 bottles, then take a really long nap, and cram in the other two sometime before bed around 9. You don’t really eat at certain times during the day, you just know that you must eat five times before going to bed so your eating times are usually different during the day (other than your morning bottle).

Nicknames: Snuggle Bug, Little Buddy, Seven Five, and Lily’s newest is “Little Bud”.

Funniest Moment: Lily loves all things singing and dancing, which I think you’ve caught on to because sometimes you join in on her singing with your ear-piercing squeals.

How We Celebrated: Today was the launch of a church plant that we are a part of, so we celebrated by serving at church and coming home for much needed naps!

Pretty on the left, handsome on the right

Reading The Stinky Cheese Man

Getting choked by your sister at the pumpkin patch

Baby dedication at church with our BFFs!

Snoozing with Daddy

Sweet boy napping in your swing

Sitting in the Bumbo for the first time!

TBone! Too bad you are in crimson. 

Playing on the floor with Mommy…

…and Lily

It’s Aubie the Tiger! War Eagle!!! You didn’t stay in this very long. Too hot!

You do so well at playing on your tummy now! 

Cutie Patootie

LOVE LOVE LOVE your smile! Wish Lily was smiling at the camera instead of the TV
More tummy time!
And here are some videos of Little Bud squealing: 
He says, “Safe and Sound by Capital Cities is my jam.” 

Not usually a Katy Perry fan, but this song is catchy. And he roars right along with her. 
Scott, this month has been a ton of fun as you are really starting to show us your personality. You are very vocal, always letting out oos, ahhs, squeals, and gurgling. You are happy 98% of the time. We love you and thank God for you everyday!!! You are a joy and a delight to our family. We look forward to your 5th month!

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