Scott’s Seventh Month

When I was doing these monthly blog posts for Lily, I was a stickler for posting them on her actual date of her turning another month old. I stressed about it, BIG TIME, and my little world had to just go on without me because I was non-existent for the evening while I wrote her new blog post.

Things have changed. Clearly. For at least 3 months of Scott’s first year of life I’ve dropped the ball with getting the post up on the right date. And I’ve really dropped the ball this month because I didn’t write a thing down or take many pics, so there isn’t much to this post.

Scott, we love you unconditionally and my lack of detail on your posts has NOTHING to do with our love for you :).

Moving on.

Very excited about being 7 months old! 

Firsts: Finger foods other than puffs, you eat English peas and black beans, yogurt, sitting in a high chair at a restaurant

News Headlines: Umm…

Favorite Toy/Activity: One of Lily’s dolls, Sanibel, rolling all over the floor, dancing, squealing

Mommy’s Favorite: Your dance moves, we call it “The Wiggle”

Daddy’s Favorite: Same as Mommy’s, those dance moves are amazing

Lily’s Favorite: Lily loves to go in your room to play when you wake up in the mornings

Milestones: Clapping and playing pattycake, eating pretty much anything we offer you–I’ve lost count of all the foods you’ve tried, rolling all over the place, getting up on knees but not quite crawling yet, size 6-9 month clothes, size 3 diapers

Weight/Length: 21 lbs, almost 28 inches long

Like Mommy: hair color, unfortunately no significant sign of curls yet

Like Daddy: You are a belly sleeper

Like Big Sis: All smiles all the time

Best Memory: One night I went to kiss you goodnight. You were on your belly with you entire body smooshed into the corner of the crib. I moved you ever so gently so I wouldn’t wake you and you rolled over WIDE awake and had the hugest grin on your face :). You were in the best mood, so of course I had stay in the room with you and enjoy that sweet moment.

Biggest Challenge: Not one. You are easy going. Very thankful for that.

How We Spend the Day: You wake up between 6-7 and eat 7 ounces, you usually go back down for a cat nap around 8, Daddy takes you to school where you eat 2 more times (7 oz with food and another 7 oz) and nap off and on, Mommy picks you up as quickly as she can and you come home to take another nap, you eat dinner around 5 (food and sometimes a 4 oz), play and take a bath, then you eat another 6-7 oz and are in bed by 8 or 8:30.

Nicknames: Little Buddy, Scotty (you all know my rule about this), Little Man

Funniest Moments: Your sweet dance moves, especially to the “S-C-O-T-T” song your Scout dog sings

How We Celebrated: I should really take this category out. We said “Happy 7 months Scott” and that was the extent of our celebrating.

It’ blurry, but I love my little Hulk! 

Nana left her awesome shower cap at our house, so naturally we put it on your head. 

You fell out of your car and you were SO MAD!!! 

My two favorite goofballs

Big Sis feeding you

Family band, I just love this! Later we hooked up Lily’s microphone and pulled out an African drum and Mommy and Daddy joined in too!  

First time to sit in a high chair at Cracker Barrel. Your smirk. Always sucking on your upper lip. 

You LOVE some black beans (or any food you can feed yourself). You are doing great at pinching small foods and getting them in your mouth! 

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