Answered Prayers and Potty Advice

For those of you that have been praying for Lily to adjust to being at daycare (by the way, I HATE that word), our prayers have been answered. Y’all just don’t even know how awful the past 2 weeks have been for me. Lily starts crying 30 minutes before we even leave the house, cries the whole way there, and cries 90% of her time at school. No joke. And I can hear it all from 2 doors down. It’s just absolutely horrible, enough to make me want to quit working and eat dirt and never leave the house so I don’t have to spend money on gas or groceries.

You think I’m kidding.

I am so thankful that maybe, just maybe, I won’t have to go to that extreme because maybe, just maybe, Lily is warming up to that word that I hate.

She didn’t have a wonderful day, but she did have a better day. Meaning, she only cried 85% of the day. Ok, I’m kidding this time. She cried when I dropped her off, but seemed to do well after she got over that. My dad was even up at the church today and went by the playground to see her and she wanted to play instead of see him. Sorry for any hurt feelings Dad, but I’m really glad that she, just this once, didn’t want to see you!

On another note, I’m still way behind on updating from Christmas/Lily’s birthday. Maybe I’ll have a post for Christmas in July? Ha! Hopefully I’ll get around to it before then! Maybe this weekend?

I’ll leave you with two funny “Lily-isms” from this week.
1.  Brent and I were reading Lily’s Bible story before bedtime last night. She was not into the story. Instead she was into repeating some potty advice over and over again, “Don’t poop in the bed. Only poop on the potty.” And the way her lips form to make the “o” in only is just priceless. She has never pooped in the bed so I’m not sure where that came from. And she’s only pooped in the potty twice, so she needs to take her own advice.

2.  Lily had an attitude tonight at dinner time. She only had a 30 minute nap today (remember, her day was better…not wonderful) so she was a little cranky. I picked her up to try to redirect her attention and before I could say anything she said, “Lily is ugly. Lily is ugly to Jesus.” I don’t know where that came from, but I’m thankful that she is beginning to understand that Jesus is the One we hurt when we sin.

Y’all, I love Lily so much I can’t stand it!

Have a good night. Maybe I’ll see you this weekend when I attempt to catch up on this blog! 🙂

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